John Daly: Needs a New Life

As the report of John Daly withdrawing from the BMW International filter through the internet you have to think that John needs to make a change.

There is not much left that has not been said that I can say any better about JD and what he is to golf and what he is doing to himself that is not helping himself or golf.

I am excited to see the growing support John is getting from golf fans who want to see John change direction in his life and become a healthier JD both physically and mentally.

There are many golf fans out there who would like to see John create a new image that improves his chances of making a run for the top again.  Nobody wants Big John to change who he is, just get to a better place in his personal life so it does not have to be part of his professional life.

There is still a PGA Champion and a British Open Champion pinned up inside John that needs to come out and not be held back from having to deal with all the problems that just seem to happen to JD.

john-daly-telus-skins.jpgThe golf world looks forward to seeing JD back at the Buick to see him make the magic happen again and take another turn of standing at the top of golf  where he deserves to be.

As disgusting as the phrase being yelled every time John or Tiger hits their drive is to me and all golf fans, there really is no better phrase that says to JD how all golf fans feel; Big John “You da Man”!


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