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Hackeritis: Further More!

mr-business-golf-straight-up-small.jpgLooks like my previous blog on Hackeritis really got things stirred up….for the good that is.  From the emails I am getting from a number of people who did not want to debate the issued in the comment section of the original blog, they are in agreement that Enough-is-Enough with the way a large number of people are treating the game of golf. 

It is bad enough that over 80% of the men golfers you see on public golf course have their shirt tails out if they are wearing a shirt at all.  It seems that Hackeritis has become contagious or infectious.    Now the look is coming to the Country Clubs during the charity golf tournaments that are held on the day the club is closed.

But enough with the wardrobe these guys have, what about the golf.  It is one thing to look bad, but to look bad and play badly is totally the wrong direction in helping the game grow for the next generations.

Now, as far as women golfers, it seems they get the picture and it is clear.  They want to look good while playing golf, good golf or bad golf, they are looking good.  The GolfGirl has thegolf-girl-full-length.jpg women’s golf fashion heading in the right directions.

Not with the men…it seems the worst they look, the worst their golf.  So what is causing it?  I will say it again; the golf courses are running on such a thin profit margin that they need any living body that has the green fee to get on the course.  Their attitude is, “Maybe nobody will see this guy for the next six hours”, and let it go so they can pull in the money.

That is where the mistake is made and now, that golfer will ride the fact that he got away with the same attire and was not told anything…so his buddies say “the heck with that, if he can get away with it, so will we”.  And here we go. 

Hackeritis is like any other infectious disease.  The people who don’t want to be associated with it will run from the game of golf thinking they will get caught up in it and be infected…  that is a pretty hardcore look at it, but that was what one of the emails alluded to is happen at her club…members are leaving because their management will not enforce the dress code

Yes, the debate is still own…I am hearing from both sides.  The hackers think that if they pay anything more than a six back of beer for a green feed they should be able to wear whatever they want to wear.  Some have even furnished copyrighted photos, I will not reproduced to show you, of Tiger Woods playing golf wearing a tank top…my answer to that is, Tiger looked better in that tank top than any of the Neanderthals I am seeing in tank tops in the charity golf tournament parading by my back door.

I am sure the paparazzi who took the Tiger photo took it while he was in his backyard hitting balls, because I have heard Tiger’s personal statement on Hackeritis and he would not tolerate it either…I think he said something like, let’s keep that kind of attire for the infield of a NASCAR race, or something like that…..

So what am I saying…I am saying that a golfer needs to show just as much respect for himself as he should show to others.  This does not mean you need to look like a touring professional or play like one.  This means to shows some self respect and dress to impress and it will make you feel better.  When you feel better you play better.  And when you feel and act better, others like to be around you and will thank you for respecting their space. 

That is what I am saying…lets find a cure for Hackeritis before there is some benefit concert put on to save the world from this infectious disease.   



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Club Corp-KSL: Who Knows What Is Going On?

I see you Club Corp and KSL people peaking around on my sites…yaw, I also Google so I know how it works.

So what is going on with Club Corp and the effects of sale to KSL?  There has not been anything noticeable done to make any needed improvements as far as the dozen of so CCA clubs I have visited in the last month, other than what was already going on before the sale to KSL was final…smart move on those clubs part.

There are still a lot of rumors going around and things that the current management is putting into place that would make the most stupid of us think that there has to be something going on, but is it good or bad?

From the few improvements being announced, ranging from the very expensive repairs being made to a clubhouse roof instead of bulldozing it and replacing it with a new clubhouse, new roof included; to the unannounced shrinking of the greens on all of the golf  courses but not admitting it, make one think  KSL is fixing up just enough to set up the property to be flipped.  Just like people do when they buy a house, fix it up in 30 days and sell it for a profit before the first mortgage payment is due.

I guess really nothing has changed.  There still has not been a plan provided to the general membership on exactly what is going on so rumors will continue to ruin morale and more than likely run off a number of prominent members who bring in a lot of revenue to the club.   

I guess if you want to know what is going on, all of the above is what is going on…I know more, good and bad, but I’ll save it until next time.

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Verplank Does Dallas Proud

verplank.jpgI guess since I am a native Dallas-ite and a member of the country club that Scott Verplank grew up at, I want to pass my congratulations on to Scott for a job well done.  You would think he would play well there at the TPC…since he  has been playing there for a while now.

Good to see a Dallas boy do well, even though he no longer lives in Dallas…maybe he will see fit to move back now…I know a club he could retire at…heck even buy it if he asked.  I am for that..

Maybe the EDS Byron Nelson Classic will one day be the Verplank Classic…

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Byron Nelson Classic: Business Golf Mecca

Yes, I have my passes to “The Nelson”, Thank You.  It is good to see my clients are gracious enough to remember the consulting I did for them on how to use golf as a business tool and ask me to join them at the area’s biggest Business Golf event, the EDS Byron Nelson Classic.

Plus it is good to see that one of our local PGA Tour favorite, Scott Verplank, also is in the mix to possibly win the event.

“The Nelson” as we locals fondly call it, was set up 30 years ago as a business golf event.  For those of you who don’t know what Business Golf is explaining it here would take too long.  It might be best you check out the “Here’s the Deal!” blog to catch up on how to learn more about Business Golf.

All of the invitations I have received this year are greatly appreciated but I already received an event pass that I chariots.   Each year I receive a pass as a thank you for my support of the Junior Golf Programs of the Northern Texas PGA Junior Golf Foundation.  

My support through my non-profit organization, Screen Door Open Charity Golf, Inc., helps keep a large number of kinds off the streets and getting them involved in something that can make a difference in their life.  Over 30,000 kids to be more exact is how many are touched by the funds raised from the Annual Screen Door Open Charity Pro-AM Golf Tournament, an officially sanctioned Northern Texas PGA Section Pro-AM. 

Each year at “The Nelson” I Business Golf with all of my contacts on getting their help in supporting the Annual SDO Pro-AM.  The SDO is a very rewarding experience and is also another Business Golf event.  As the Tournament Director, I set the event up so the sponsors are able to provide their clients and customers an upscale affair they will never forget.

It is that time again to get the SDO organized, so if you want to receive an invitation to thepro-am-logo.jpg Screen Door Open, contact me so I can get it in the mail.  This year’s SDO will be held this fall.

Now it is time for me to get my sunscreen on and my business cards…I am off to “The Nelson”.

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Winning a Golf Tournament: Makes ya Feel Good

I took a break yesterday from writing on my next book to play in a member-guest golf tournament at my club.  It was a quaint affair, small by any standard, but none the less a true test of the players’ golf skill.

I invited an old friend I had know for 30 years to be my guest.  We worked at AT&T, then known as Southwestern Bell, then SWBT, then SBC and then AT&T.  We had also been part of creating the SBC Employee Golf Association for the D/FW area.

As we lumbered our way around the golf course during the golf tournament, we had no idea that our less than average play would get us into a scorecard play off for first place.  The best grade you can get from the test provided.

The outcome was a success and we won the event on the first hole of the scorecard play off…kinda makes ya feel good to win a golf tournament.  It doesn’t happen very often so we enjoying the feeling.

I mention in my next book the enjoyment of being a winner of a golf tournament and the importance of knowing how to enjoying not being a winner.  Yesterday’s experience was another confirmation of what I talk about as the frame of mind a golfer should have in competition in a golf event.

Though this was not a Business Golf event, it could have been and the lessons I teach in my books expands upon the importance of knowing how to win and how to lose, both in golf and in business….check them

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Phil Mickelson: Solving Problems


Phil Mickelson and all of the problems he is attempting to solve to get back to playing like he did before he went to Callaway equipment.

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Scramble Golf: The Hit and Giggle

A number of viewers have asked me over the past two years how to play in a Scramble Golf Tournament.  This one is a challenge since there is two ways to looking at playing in a Scramble…relax and play for fun, or get up tight and play to win.   Here is my take on it.

The ol “Hit and Giggle” as I call it can be fun as long as you do not take the golf played in a Scramble very seriously.  It was not designed to be taken seriously.  If it was, they would be calculating handicaps for all of the golfers who just play in scrambles.  They don’t so that should tell those who grin out a Scramble to loosen up, it is just a Scramble.

There are several variations of a scramble.  There is the one I hate hearing because there is no one definition of what it is, but  some people will call their event a Florida Scramble…why, well you pick the definition you want to take on what a friggin Florida Scramble is…to me,

Not to be out done, there is also a Texas Scramble….they are all  “Hit and Giggles” to me.



Unfortunately, too many golfers do not take the opportunity to play more golf or play in other tournaments with different formats so the Scramble is the only format they get to play.   In most cases it is the only time they get to play golf period.  So they sometimes take playing in a four person Scramble very serious.  That is a shame, because there are some other very good golf formats that could be offered in place of a Scramble.

But, the question was how to play in a scramble so that is what I will answer.

I will take it from a point of view that most people want to know how to win in a scramble because how to play in a scramble is pretty simple.  Winning in a scramble is usually near impossible.

In order to know how to play in a Scramble you have to understand the nature of the event.   Most of the time a Scramble is offered more as a social or at a charity golf tournament as a way to get more people to enter…noticed I said people and not golfers.  They are really not set up for a REAL serious golf event.  Thus is why I call them “Hit and Giggles”.   The scramble event is where the golf skill of the majority of golfers is below average, to be kind. 

The main consideration to be able to play in a Scramble is you show up with a bag of golf clubs.   How it is played is just as simple.  Each person on the team of four (usually) hits their shot.  And from there the group determines who had the better shot and they all pick up their ball and go to that spot.  They all hit from there and again determine the best shot.  This continues until the ball is putted into the hole, which then the process starts over until all 18 holes are played.  The score is how many strokes it took the team to get the best ball into the hole.

The Scramble event is great for occasions where it is not known what level of golf skill the participants play.  If the Scramble is for the general public, you can bet that the majority of the teams are filled with below average golf skill.  

Don’t get me wrong, the Scramble is a fun format and what it was set up to do was to bring more people into playing golf, get out of the office, get some exercise, some fresh air.  I am all for it.

There are serious Scrambles and there are social Scrambles. There are Scrambles for every interest…that is why they are so popular.

As far a Business Golf Event, well, with some doing, and with me providing you how to go about it, you can make a Scramble a great Business Golf outing.

So, how do you want to play in a scramble is my question?  Have fun and laugh or grin it out to shot a 54.  Either way you could win.  And in most cases it is a rubber chicken and a gift certificate?  Which way you play is OK, just keep the pace.

Let me know how I can help.


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