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The Future of Golf Needs Help:

This morning the future of golf paraded by my house and I liked what I saw. I am just concerned that I might have seen the last parade for the future of golf.

I am fortunate to have several members of the PGA as personal friends. These relationships have provided me with a different look at the profession of golf. And I have developed a heightened respect for what these young men and women are going through to become a member of the PGA.

What was taking place on the golf course I live on was the periodic PAT (Players Ability Test) the PGA produces to test the new candidates for membership into the PGA apprentice program. Like in most memberships there are minimum requirements that have to be met and in the PGA there is are minimum playing skills each candidate has to have to become a member.

And from what I saw of the dozens of players I watched taking their test of 36 holes of golf, they take it pretty seriously. There were men and women from all walks of life all decked out in their favorite and stylish golf apparel playing every shot like it was their very last shot. And I am sure in some cases it could actually be their last shot. The intensity was there and so where the smiles.

But I am worried that these kids are not truly aware that the profession they are testing for is somewhat of a bitter sweet career. Yes, they are going after their dream of being a member of the PGA. Their heads are full of thoughts of getting to playing golf all day for a living. When in fact playing golf is probably what they will do the least.

These men and women will go through what could take three years of working in every aspect of the golf professional duties. Everything from learning how to re-gripping clubs to folding every shirt on display in the Pro-Shop a thousand times. Or, getting the repeated opportunity of jockeying carts for a golf outing or to giving golf lessons. Six days a week, up to 10 hours each day…non-stop. If they are lucky, they may get to play golf on their day off. And they do all of this for an annual salary that would equal the price of a Hyundai car. I would say that is not a real good investment in the future of the game of golf.

Yes, if they continue to work their way through the program, finish their apprenticeship and pass their test they will then become a Class ‘A’ professional making them eligible for a Head Professional position. With an annual salary of less than $50K a year. Close, but no cigar.

So, you ask, where is the money in this profession? Well, I am not sure. I am with you in saying the pay out on the Playing Tour seems to be good, but like the rest of the opportunities available to these golf profession, there are only a few hundred openings on the player’s tour.


What about the thousands of others who are just as well trained, if not better, on the rest of the golf profession? Well, they are all vying for the few hundred positions at golf facilities where the value of a PGA members training is truly appreciated.

What takes place at most golf facilities is they are managed and operated by a golf management group that runs the golf as if it was a retail outlet. These golf course management groups look at what the PGA members’ training provide as no more than what a clerical employees cold provide at minimum wage.

Now I can’t say for sure since I have not worked for one of these firms, but from all indications it looks to me that these golf management companies see little importance in using the training of the PGA members to oversee the game of golf. These firms see their need covered by hiring someone to run the cash register and make sure the tee times are scheduled. Anything outside of that, like customer service or technical golf support is deemed not profitable so it really doesn’t matter.

So, what is in store for the future of golf? Well, if there is not a way for these kids who sweated out their PAT this afternoon to make a descent living from being a professional golfer then we can kiss the game of golf as we know it good bye.

These men and women are the future of golf and will be the next generation of professionals, club managers and golf instructors. If they can’t make enough money to provide for a family from being a club professional then they are going to have to find something else that will.

Where does leave me and you? Or more importantly where does that leave the golf industry? Well, simply put, we will not have anyone who knows how to teach the game of golf. So eventually there will be no new golfers to enter the game to keep it going for the next generation and feed the golf equipment industry. With no golfer buying equipment the manufacturers of golf equipment will pull back. And as a result, golfers will lose interest in the game and leave the game forever.

The golf industry will be without anyone who knows how to put on a golf event, of how to explain how the golf swing affects a golfer from hitting a golf club correctly. There will be nobody to help sale the ever changing golf equipment.

In the private club sector, the Golfers will lose any respect they had from the clubs who use golf management groups to run the golf portion of the club. The members will tire quickly of coming in to the pro-shop and seeing the golf shop staff playing video games or horsing around like they worked at the pizza joint.

Yes, that will be what we can expect if these smiling young people who paraded by my house this morning are not able to make their dream come true.

What is the solution? It is not clear. Skeptics say that if the salaries of the PGA professionals apprentices where brought up to their true scale of what they are providing the industry it would force an increase in the cost of golf that will be out of reach for most golfers. This would have he same affect on he golf industry if there is not done.

The rebuttal to that is to provide more no-cost services to substantiate the increase. In the public section of the golf industry let the golf professional use their entrepreneurial training to add more value to playing golf at the facility.

In the private sector let the golf professional use their customer service training to substantiate the increase in any costs. Let them play golf with the members. How valuable is that. Each person gets an on course lesson and each professional gets to do what they like to do…play golf. Of course that is just one solution. I am sure there are many.

So for me, I would like to see the parade of new golf professionals continue outside my backdoor and I want to see golf grow prosperous for the members of the PGA.

And most of all, I want to help.

Scot Duke, President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies. As author of: How To Play Business Golf, Mr. Duke outlines the steps to sucessfully using golf as a business tool. To learn more about Mr. Duke, IBGS or to purchase How To Play Business Golf visit




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Desert Golf: Yes, It Is Hot

(Since I am preparing for my trip out to Palm Springs, I thought I would spend the entire week writing about golf and FUN in Southern California)

Part One:

Have you played golf in the Desert? Just saying the word Desert brings up images of those old westerners where the cowboy was trying to make it across the desert to deliver an urgent message or, better yet, to avoid Indians or lawmen. Yaw, the desert westerner’s of years ago generated the same questions that are asked when watching horror films of today. And generally those questions start off with a Why?! Like… Why does the girl who just watched her boy friend get dragged into a house by some monster to be dismembered and make all kinds of horrific screams and blood curtailing sounds would want to naively walk in to see where he went? Does that make any sense? I place that decision pretty high on the Stupid Meter.

Yes, the old Stupid Meter comes into effect when you are talking golf in the desert in the summer time. For those of you who are not familiar with the Stupid Meter, it is a scale of stupidity that ranges from deciding to not go in looking for your boyfriend who was dragged into a horror house by some monster as being someone on the very bottom of the stupid meter to Phil Mickelson deciding to go with a Callaway driver on the last two holes of the US Open only to find himself way out in the rough costing him a major being someone on the very top of the ‘Stupid Meter’

Well, going to play golf in the desert in the middle of August could get ya placed on the stupid meter if you are not prepared for what desert golf will throw at you. But if you know what you are doing you have a better chance of surviving than that macho cowboy taking a short cut across the desert at High Noon.

So, for you cheapo golfers like me who are looking for the best deals in golf in the summer, you can’t find better priced golf than in the desert.

If you have played desert golf then you know what to expect. But, just in case you cannot remember why you have a scar in the palm of your right hand or never played in the desert in the summer (or anytime), let me run down what you are going to be dealing with and what you need to prepare for.

First, since you have now jumped up a few notches on the Stupid Meter, I probably need to remind you it is going to get ….HOT!. OK, I got that out of the way, let me provide you with some other words you need to remember while playing desert golf. I can guarantee that if you remember them they will bring your rating on the stupid meter down a few notches.

Water, if you don’t like drinking it you better start learning to like it before you play desert golf. No, water does not translate into something liquid. So don’t substitute Beer for water. NO, drinking Beer in ice (like we do here in the Texas summers) still does not cut it. Not only will drinking beer in the desert take you right up there with Phil and the US Open on the stupid meter, but it will now get you very close to the Moronic Level, if not placed in the newspaper’s obituary. Water…it is very important to remember this word. It is the most important word in Desert golf, next to ‘Rattlesnake’. There will be plenty of time to drink beer after the golf. If you can’t play golf with out a beer…step aside Phil you have a contender… I suggest you not go to the desert if No Beer is not an option.

Go without water, or drinking beer, in the desert and it really will not matter what you like because you will be dead. So, there, I got the first warning out of the way. So when you get back into town and complain that desert golf gives you a headache…don’t say I did not warn ya.

But, if you want to play some of the best golf courses in the world for cheap, then continue on reading how to prepare for the desert.

The first thing you need to do when you get to your desert golf destination is to hit the Wal-Mart or the first place where they sell water by the case. Depending on how many golfers are in your posse will determine how much water to stock up on. I go for the 32 oz bottles and I drink at least three of those each day. (And I still come home dehydrated) You do the math.

Sunscreen, don’t go out to the desert without it. Next to water, Sunscreen is usually the last thing the macho type of golfers thinks about needing. ‘Ya didn’t see those cowboys who were walking across the desert using any sunscreen did ya?’ or ’The oil gets all over my grips and makes me grip the club to firm.’

Come on guys & gals, we are talking desert golf in the summer. The temperature is going to get to over 100; the sun is going to be beating you down. There is no time to argue the fact that playing golf in the desert that the sun will do to you like what happens to the thanksgiving turkey that is in the oven for five to six hours. In case you can’t relate to what you are going to look like without sunscreen after a round of desert golf, just think about what that thanksgiving turkey looked like and that will be what you will look like after your first round of desert golf without any sunscreen.

Even if you are ranked high on the stupid meter and you are one of those guys or gals who are also listed on the paralleling Geek Meter by wearing long-sleeved shirts and a sombrero, you will still need sunscreen to cover whatever skin that is exposed due to the glare. Yes, you will get sunburned in places you have never gotten sunburned before because of the glare. Like under the chin, or behind the ears or the soft part underneath the forearms. Lather up guys & Gals…the heat and glare is serious stuff when you are in the desert.

This brings me to the next word that describes a piece of equipment you better not leave home without. Sunglasses. I am talking real dark sunglasses. If possible, bring two tints or densities of color. One pair with a shade as dark as you can find and another that is a shade just a tad lighter than a welding helmet. You wear the lighter shades in the morning when the sun angle is not too bright. Then slap on the welding helmet lens when it gets close to High Noon or worst afternoon.

If you don’t like to wear sunglasses I suggest you take a bottle of water and a pair of sunglasses and sit in your bathroom looking up at the heat lamp for a hour or so. You will learn to like the sunglasses and the water after that.

If you wear contacts there are a couple of options. I don’t wear contacts, but my better half does and she tried those New Nike Darkened contacts. She really likes them. Outside of when you are under a tree in the shade where the depth perception is a little difficult and trying to find a golf ball in deep rough, she likes not having to fittle with taking the glasses off and on for the different lighting and the blind spots sunglasses can provide. You might try those or just get a pair of sunglasses that cups around your eyes so the dust from the wind doesn’t get into them or dry your eyes out.

Wind: Yes, there is wind in the desert. Sometime during your round of golf there is going to be a gust or two of wind. But, don’t thinking that will be the time you get to cool off. NOOOOOO! Be prepared for the wind. And when it blows I can best describe it as like playing golf in a hair dryer. Hot, dry and blistering.

There is usually no humidity in the desert so when you sweat it evaporates. Since you don’t have any sweat when the wind hits there is nothing to cool you down, another reason for the sunscreen.

I suggest that to prepare for the wind you look into getting a sunscreen with an Aloe or Vitamin E location included. Preparing for the wind is just part of preparing for desert golf. And once you are prepared, you can get back to what you went out to the desert to do and that is play golf.

Hat: I strongly suggest a hat situation. Not a visor, but a hat that covers your entire head… I highly suggest a broad brim hat that shades your entire face and neck.

It really upsets me when I get a remark from one of my many nappy headed overly follicle endowed friends tell me; ’It makes my head hot when I wear a hat that covers the top of my head.’ Come on people…this is desert golf and the sun is going to be pounding everything it touches and that includes the top of Everyone’s head. Get a hat on people..

Now you are nearly ready for golf in the desert. In Part Two; I will tell you how I prepare for the desert golf.

Scot Duke, President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies. As author of: How To Play Business Golf, Mr. Duke outlines the steps to sucessfully using golf as a business tool. To learn more about Mr. Duke, IBGS or to purchase How To Play Business Golf visit





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Palm Springs Golf: Bob Hope Said It Best

Bob Hope made a comment many years ago during one of his many monologues that spurred my interest in to wanting to go to Palm Springs, California.    Being from Texas and only getting to see the Palm Springs area from watching the Bob Hole Chrysler Classic, the Diana Shore Championship and the Skins Game at the Bighorn, I have always been intrigued with the excellent condition the golf courses appeared on TV.

And as far as the number of golf courses to choose from, when I made my first trip to Palm Springs over 8 years ago, I found that his comments where exactly correct.  And I have enjoyed every one of the courses I have played. 

I am getting ready to make another trip out there and my memories of when I was last there get me excited. The golf, the Food, the drinks and, did I mention the golf?. I am not sure what courses I will be playing, but I know that where ever I decide to play I can count of a great round of golf.  Who knows, maybe I use the way Mr. Hope said President Ford determines which course to play.

Bob said… “…Oh, I was playing golf with President Ford out in Palm Springs the other day.  He always wants to play on one of the finest courses and there are so many fine golf courses out here to choose from.  To give you an idea on how many great golf courses there are out here, when you play with the President,  you never know which course you are going to play until after he tees off”…yakyakyak…

I really miss Mr. Hope. 

Scot Duke,  President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies. As author of: How To Play Business Golf, Mr. Duke outlines the steps to sucessfully using golf as a business tool.  To learn more about Mr. Duke, IBGS or to purchase How To Play Business Golf visit

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Internet Group Sites: Activity Seems Low

I am a member of 22 different online group sites. Some are very large like ‘Tribe’ and ‘Ryze’.  Several I have joined in the last six months are totally golf sites and a couple of sites I have found are the mega search engine sites with a network of fellow ‘Searchers’ you make connections with.

Overall, all the activity on these sites seems to be slowing up. To find out why, I used some old technology and picked up the phone and called a dozen or so of my friends around the country I know are out here with me in cyberspace, but I have not read a blog or article from them in a while.

After spending a full week making these calls I came to a quick conclusion…It is Vacation Time and more people are out with their families enjoying the summer and a break from blogging or posting articles or chatting online.

So I relaxed to the fact that there is not much to be alarmed about as this is a cycle that comes around twice a year. The first is summer break and then the second is the Holiday break.

I predict that everything will be back to normal with the buzz of interesting conversations and blogs burning up the internet as soon as school starts in a few weeks.

And looking at the calendar…I too will be taking another week off in a couple of weeks so if you are missing me I will be giving my fingers a break and will be out on the golf courses of Palm Springs, CA….

Scot Duke, President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies. As author of: How To Play Business Golf, Mr. Duke outlines the steps to sucessfully using golf as a business tool. To learn more about Mr. Duke, IBGS or to purchase How To Play Business Golf visit


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Fred Couples: The Only Captain’s Pick That Makes Sense

Tom Lehman has his hands full making the right decision on who will help win the Ryder Cup. The most logical choice is Fred Couples. Freddy has been there, the Euro’s know what damage Boom-Boom can do and he is the only one who can take down the young guns from Europe.

Plus, Fred represents style and the image I would like the entire world to have about the people who play golf, both professionals and amateurs alike. When you think US Golf, Fred Couples is like the Stars on the Red, White and Blue flag.

I know Tom will do what is right, but Couples is only a point behind at number 14 on the list. Maybe Fred can kick ass at the PGA and jump in from the bottom, but if I was Tom I would go ahead and tell Freddy to get his back in shape…the USA is going to need ride him to a win.


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Golf Equipment: What Is The Goal? (Part Two)

In part one I explained what should be considered when purchasing golf equipment.  So, let me continue with this thought.

What it gets down to is ‘Feel’.  Yes the feel of a good golf shot and a bad shot.  And the feel a beginner golfer experience when hitting a golf shot is a lot different than what a touring pro feels.  The beginner is struggling getting their muscles to all coordinate at once particular second to hit the back side of a golf ball squarely.  Where as the tour pros can hit the ball squarely blindfolded ten times in a role because their muscles are finely tuned and are orchestrated by the brain to do whatever the player wants to do. 

So, there are definitely two very extremes of the feel of a golf shot.  For a beginner to judge from a TV or magazine (or worst an internet) commercial on the feel they are going to get out of a club doesn’t make a lot of sense.

What it gets down to is quality.  And, like in everything else in life, quality costs more.   But, which manufacturer really cares about the quality of its equipment? 

If you have spent a moment on the internet you have seen that there are literally hundreds of golf equipment manufacturers.  You have on one end your Ranger Rick standing in his garage hammering out a new putter he wants to sell to Tiger Woods and on the other end you have Titleist who produces some of the finest quality golf equipment you can buy off the shelf.  And there are manufacturers all in between who mass produce or build one club at a time.  Yes, the quality is all over the board.  

Deciding on which club manufacturer to go with is what makes learning the game of golf so much fun and a great big hassle at the same time.  It makes it even tougher to be a beginner golfer and having to make these decisions since they have probably not had the opportunity to ‘Feel’ a good golf shot.  Picking a golf club that ‘Feels Good’ is impossible for a beginner because they have not learned what that means. So, most beginners usually default to the cheapest and that is the worst decision to make.  Remember, the ‘Feel’ of a good shot is not produced by a low quality club.  And cheap equals low quality.

Your questions should be, ‘How do I know what manufacturer will produce the best feel most often?’  The answer is simple.  If you go with the best quality from the beginning you are starting with a better chance of finding what a good golf shot will feel like from the beginning.  And with that you will not have the need to change clubs as frequently.   So, go for the best quality of club you can afford and you will come out a head in the long run.

Most beginners are instructed to just go out and get a set of clubs to hack around with because they are going to out grow the clubs.  Or, that the higher quality golf clubs are made for golfers who have developed a higher level of skill or swing than a beginner.  Now, I am not a golf professional, but I have spent 15 years on the ‘Lane of Pain’ (driving range) hammering out golf balls with almost ever club made.  And my experience has developed me to realize that: First, if I had started with a set of fitted quality golf clubs from the very beginning I started to be taught golf, I would have found out sooner than I did what a good golf shot felt like.   But I didn’t and it was not until I went through three sets of low quality golf clubs before I got my first set of used quality irons that allowed me to get close to producing the golf swing needed to hit the back side of the ball squarely.   

And Secondly, I would not have had to spend the thousands of dollars I spent on golf clubs as frequently as I did before I finally golf some fitted quality golf clubs.  Ever since I was fitted in my last set of irons I have not had to even think about anything other than change worn out grips.   My friends who started with me have had three sets of irons since I got the set I have now.  How much more money would I have spent to get to where I am now…Thousands, guaranteed.

If I had just faced the fact when I started and gotten fitted to quality I would have started with the best in quality and only traded up when technology changed to make hitting the ball easier.  Which looking back would have been three times in fifteen years has technology changed to make playing golf easier.  Like larger club heads on woods and forged cavity back irons. 

All of this is why I cannot agree with those golf professionals and instructors who tell beginners to run out and get any ol set of clubs.  Because as they will admit, that beginner golfer will run right over to Wal-Mart and pick up a set of the cheapest clubs they can get.  And what do they have, something they will have to throw in the trash in a few weeks (if not days) when they can’t produce a good swing that produces the golf shot.

Yes, it is not the equipment but the swing that creates the good golf shot.  But, only good equipment produces a good swing.  Even if it is physiological, it is a fact that if there is something in your mind that you can reason is he cause for your not being able to hit a good golf shot then that is what will keep you from hitting the good shot.

Even a professional, or a person who can hit a golf ball with a Dr Pepper Bottle on a stick will tell ya that they can Feel the difference and find it much harder to produce the Feel of a good shot with a lower quality made golf club.

The bottomline here is:  Golf has never been so easy to learn to play.  And it will only get easier if golf manufacturers open up and face the fact that making the game easier is in their best interest.  To play golf a golfer has to invest into their golf that gets the ROI which is Feel. 

I can tell ya, there is absolutely nothing outside of sex that feels as good as hitting a quality golf ball with the sweet spot of the quality golf club and watching the ball go further than you have every hit it before. Or better yet, go where you wanted the ball to go

If you are just starting, stay with it.  Get those spear chunking muscles tamed down to working together, get some quality equipment and in time, you will find out what I am talking about.

The goal of golf equipment manufacturers should be focused on making learning golf easier, not how good golf can make you look…that comes from hitting a good golf shot. 

About The Author:  As President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, Scot Duke provides over 31 years of corporate management experience which he now is using to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies and business development.  In his book, How To Play Business Golf, you will learn everything needed to make golf an effective buseinss tool.  To learn more go to

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Golf Equipment: What Is The Goal? (Part One)


It is true that golf equipment has come a long way since when Tom Morris and crew were knocking around a ‘feathery’ with clubs made out of wood.  Now we have rubber coated four piece balls that are measured by ballistics meters and hit with clubs that are made out of meteorites or something.

What brought on the need to change from leather wrapped feathers golf balls being hit with clubs made out of a limb of a tree, to balata wrapped rubber bands balls being hit with a pure steel club?

Depending on what today’s manufacturers are saying will depend on the answer to my question.  Some will say the change was to improve your game.  That assumes you had a game to improve.  Others will say to make you more competitive.  Again, were you competitive before?

What is this telling someone who has no idea what the game of golf is about?  Well, probably nothing.  People outside of golf see golf as a game that is very difficult to learn.  True, some parts of it are, like learning the rules and etiquette can be very difficult.  But, with today’s golf equipment, hitting the ball has never been so easy to do.  That is if you get equipment that fits and is of high quality.

Golf equipment manufacturers should be telling non-golfers that they want to make the game easier to play. If the golf industry wants more customers they need to promote the ease of using their equipment. But none of them come right out and say that they are trying to make playing the game of golf easier.

Golf is not a sport or game, or activity that is natural to play. A person cannot just pick up a golf club and immediately go out and hit a golf ball.   Unlike baseball or soccer, the skill of hitting a little white ball with a small stick does not come natural.

Human’s movements are based on what it had to deal with over the ages to survive.  Hunting and running.  So the muscles humans have developed over time were for throwing a spear, hitting something over the head with a club, or running like hell from some predator or from another human who was throwing spears or wanting to club someone over the head.

Taking a stick and trying to hit a small ball off the ground just did not happen enough during our evolution to develop the muscles so that particular movement became a natural instinctive movement.

In order to play golf you have to be taught or shown, or at the very least have had an opportunity to have seen, a golf swing.  And like almost anything else, the human being had to learn everything that was outside of its evolution, like reading, writing, arithmetic and the world’s foreign policies.

So, why aren’t the golf equipment manufactures marketing their products as something that would make playing golf easier?  Well, they have tried, but their marketing groups have found that telling you that their equipment will make playing golf easier is not providing golfers with anything that sets them apart from the hundreds of other golf equipment manufactures whose products make it easier to play golf.

They would rather show you how much money they can spend having a professional golf tour player tell you that their equipment is better or is number one on tour.  Are you going to know if that is true are not?  They are betting that you will not bother checking, so they will say whatever they want.  Are you going to purchase equipment because a high paid professional tour player said the equipment was the best?  Well, if you are already playing golf you probably will.  If you are a beginner, what else have you got to base it on?  So, you are going for the equipment because the commercial looked good not on if the equipment is any good or not.

The USGA has standards on how and what all golf playing equipment should look like and play like.  This makes all clubs look and play alike.  So with that rule in place there is not really enough difference in the design or look of golf equipment to really make a difference in what a golf club looks like from what one golf equipment manufacturer to another.  So, what are the differences that each manufacturer is selling?  It is getting down to colors and bells and whistles.   The bottomline: It gets down to which Feels good to swing.

Swinging a golf club is easily taught.  And once you get the principle of what your objective is in creating the golf swing then putting a club in your hand and actually repeating that being is really pretty simple or do-able.  But if you put a club that is too long are too heavy in your hands and swing it you might not hit the ball.  After putting a well made balanced club in your hand you will ‘Feel’ how easy it is to hit the ball.   That is the difference in the golf equipment manufacturers.  Some produce ‘Feel’ others produce ‘Looks’.  Which produces a Good Golf Shot?  Answer: Feel

I’ll be back soon to provide you Part Two and to finish my thought on what the Goal is in Golf Equipment.


Scot Duke
President & Business Golf Mentor
Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC.
‘My Blog’ 
Author of: ‘How To Play Business Golf’, From The Boardroom To The Fairways…
The best investment you can make for your business…

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