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Business Golf Interview:

My good friend Chris Henry over at asked if I would do an interview and of course I obliged him. 

The blog Chris posted is called: Sinking Putts and Closing Deals.    

Click Here to go to his site for the interview.


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Club Corp-KSL: Cuts To the Bone Will Lead to Bleeding to Dead

When is enough, enough?  That is what I get the feeling KSL has not really asked itself lately.

As more changes are unveiled from the sale of Club Corp to KSL, members of many of the clubs are now saying …enough.

Cutting top executive’s pay is one thing but cutting operations’ personal pay at the flagship country club, Brookhaven Country Club, is shooting yourself in both feet and then in the head.

Here now are the current questions members from many of the CCA-KSL Private Clubs around the country are asking anyone who will listen.

Who possibly is going to want to do the work expected at such a high level position as Club Manager and Golf Director for the salaries they are now setting for those positions? 

What level of service will these individuals provide who take positions with lower than industry standards salaries?  

Will these inexperienced individuals keep the club membership safe from the growing crime surrounding their facilities? 

Will they stand up and represent the membership that pays their salaries against the growing non-golfing community that feels the club’s fairways are private playgrounds for their kids? 

Will the decision makers of the club’s budgets, which if they will remember is generated from the membership’s fees, do what is needed and provide securing fencing and gated entrances to the neighborhood surrounding the club’s properties? 

Will the local Club Managers stand tough with time comes to push for the funds needed to completely rebuild the entire club’s clubhouse facility and not just a portion of it or just repair the aging infrastructures?

Has CCA-KSL lost site of what will generate interest in newer and younger members to join their clubs?

Then there are the bigger picture questions from outsides who affect the situation in a larger way who are going to start asking questions, if they are not already.  Questions like…

What is CCA-KSL going to do to insure the properties they own are kept at a high standard of appearance or maintenance or improve upon it’s properties to reflect highly upon the cities’ positive image? 

What plans will be put in place to uphold the property values of the residence around their facilities?

These positions CCA-KSL are cutting out or cutting pay of are not clerk’s positions.   These are decision making positions the members of the clubs are expecting to be filled with people who know how to make the right decisions for the people who pay their salaries.

The current level of salary base being set by CCA-KSL is now only interesting to “has-beens” and “inexperienced” candidates.

These latest moves and changes CCA-KSL is making surely where not made with the thought the members would never know or find out.  No, it seems the changes were made to send a message that is now being heard clearly by the members whish is, We want Our Money Back Now, We will get out money back Now and the people who are paying the money to them for memberships now will need to pay more now so they can accomplish both now.

Isn’t that what is really being said now?

Look for more questions to be asked with no direct answers.  Plus also look for more cuts to be made in club’s operations and personnel for no apparent reason.  If CCA-KSL keep this up the membership of the clubs will shrink smaller than the greens on the golf courses.

Isn’t that what will happen?

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If it is Sunday, then it must be Hackeritis Time…

Yes, I never saw so many people, men and women, who have lost track of golf fashion as I did this afternoon. 

There was a golf tournament being held on the small course of our club…no problem.   That happens when your country club is bought by an investment firm that only wants to make money at all costs, including pissing off the dues paying membership. 

The players in this event all had very inappropriate attire for any golf course, much less a private country club.  There was the seen frequently obligatory XXXXL Hockey Jersey being worn with the shirt tail out that hung to the players’ knees.   There was the string Halter tops from the over and under endowed women.   Plus there was the electric carts driven right up to the edge of the green and in places a tractor could not go.  AND, the divots a foot long on the tee boxes of every hole…along with beer cans, cups, lunch boxes and broken clubs all along the way.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen it was Hackeritis all over again. 

The explanation given by the Golf Director was, “The new owners cut my budget $70k, I don’t have the manpower to enforce the club’s rules, and the group was willing to pay extra for the green fees to hold their charity event but struggled to fill the event so they brought in anyone who could pay the entry fee.”

So there ya go…it could be happening at your club next…Hackeritis.  It is very, very contagious.

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Golf Fashion Police: Where Are you?

mr-business-golf-straight-up-small.jpgStop me now, I am on a Roll…I picked on Phil and his brown shoes and his brown belt with navy blue. I hear that the PGA’s standard or rule of thumb is Two Colors at max….OK, I am with ya, but now explain this one….camillo.jpg

Camilo Villegas, I like the guy’s play and his golf clubs…he has that going all in the right directions…but as far as fashion, Phil is a fashion genius compared to Camilo…talk to me about Camilo, where is this look going?


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Business Golf: Golf Games to Play

mr-business-golf-straight-up-small.jpgHere is another question I am asked frequently. 

What kind of golf game is best to play with a guest or someone you do not know?

To play it safe, play golf games using an handicap of strokes.

It is perfectly OK to ask your guest if they have a handicap.  If they don’t then determining one is the next thing to do.  Find out what their average score is from a specific distance or length of golf course.  Subtract par for that score and that is close enough handicap for the day. 

If your guest usually shoots an 80 from a 6000 yard course, and your course is 6600 yards and is part 72, then 9 strokes for a handicap would be good for a handicap for your course for the day.

So, if you are a 6 handicap and he/she is a 9 handicap you will need to give your guest a stroke on the three toughest holes on the course.

So now what game to play?  I recommend Skins or Match play…that way if someone is having a bad hole they can pick it up and move on to play another hole.

I personally like Match play since it moves along and it does make for a little bit of even competition with the handicaps.

Stroke play is okay and is what a lot of people play during golf outings.  It can be used during business golf, but sometimes if your guest has not played your course before could result in some really high scores that may cause a mood change in the day if it becomes a real burden on your guest.

Play Match Play with your guest and I think you find the day moves along very nicely.

Plus, match play also will show you things about a golfer that stroke play will not.  Like conceding a hole or a putt…if you let your guest off the hook graciously by conceding a four foot putt for bogy to your real put for bogy, then it takes the pressure off that hole and the game is all square.  Nobody won or lost.  The same could happen to you and you get to see how shrewd a person your guest is.  If they never concede a putt even when it is six inches, you can bet they are hard business dealers also.

So, play match play, the ‘Ol Skins’ game, makes for a better business golf day.  The full rules and an example score card is in my book, How To Play Business Golf.

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Phil Mickelson: Fashion Hound

Ok, I am not a fashion hound but I hear a lot of people talking about golf fashion. Really, I want to be in style. I generally keep up with the latest stuff the men are wearing on tour…at least the real stuff…I am not into the Sergio Spandex and the other styles the young generation feel needs to be promoted or in the professional ranks, get paid to wear.

Now I have heard Fred Couples talk about how it is not appropriate when wearing shorts to play golf to wear white cut off socks with black golf shoes…black socks should be worn with black shoes…OK, I got that Freddie, I am packing the black socks.

phil-brown-shoes.jpgBut take Phil Mickelson. Since he has gone with Callaway he is getting a little more colorful, and especially this year with Callaway doing all of the wrong things in trying to be all to all with everything in golf, including now golf apparel. How many times has that business model have to fail before people throw the All-in-One businesses in the trash can.

But I digress., back to Phil and fashion. Really I have always been told that Brown Shoes and Belt don’t go with Navy or Black….am I out of style or was the absence of Phil’s wife at the PGA Players Championship why he mixed the two?

Let me know what ya think.

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Mr Business Golf Took a Day Off


OK, it is Golf Season…Give Me A Friggin Break for going to play golf yesterday.

Seriously, I have to get out and play more golf. Sitting here at this terminal is not getting me anywhere. Playing golf does get me somewhere. AND, it will get you somewhere if you give it a chance.

I hear a lot from the non-golfers on “what a waste of time” golf is, but what a bunch of losers. Since I have been playing golf I have received a ton more business support playing business golf than I have from sitting here.

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be mean with calling you a loser if you don’t play golf. I just wanted to illustrate the attitude people have towards golf because they just do not understand golf.

I get that same way with some of the social networking groups. Their constant jockeying around the internet vomiting unbelievable figures on the zillions of hits they get a day in an effort to get people to come to their site to find out why they want you to think they are so popular really gets on my nerves. That is because I don’t understand the need for living in an imaginary world. See, I don’t understand social networking groups.

So, before I go and mash more sites as a waste of time thinking they drawn in millions of people who want to buy my book, hire me for consulting and what all I am out here offering people who need my experience, I am going to join them to see if I can understand them.

I suggest you may want to try that with golf. A great place to go is my site and sign up for the Business Golf Club.

I talk a lot about golf here and at my other sites, IBGS, Business Golf, Is This Really All worth It? And The Duke Consults. But in the Business Golf Club, you get the private stuff. The inside things about business golf and golf that only a member will be privy to, the reason why golf is really worth you looking into playing.

rex-dixon-9-20061thumbnail.jpgJust like Rex Dixon, a Non-golfer true and true, said after reading my book on How To Play Business Golf, “there is more to golf than a non-golfer realizes”

So there ya have it. Reason 101 for needing to understand golf before bashing golf…and I am talking about you truly going about taking a positive effort towards putting forth some effort to learn golf before condemning it. None of this going to the local driving range and bending a rental club on the concrete mats and saying you gave it a shot.

Nope, like in everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. So here is the deal, if you will not go the miniature putt-putt to learn golf and seriously go about learning golf, I will not hammer these social groups for the perverted pictures people post thinking it is artsy or cute or shocking or whatever they their seemingly demented minds think.

If you want to know how to go about learning more about golf without having to break a sweat…well I can help you with that when you join the Business Golf Club. I wish there was a site that offered me the same for getting to understand these mega social groups before joining them….guess I will have to depend on my online friends for that.

Let me know how I can help.


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