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Sears: Do You Really Want To Shop There? (Part 2)

The story continues on the travesty of quality with America’s manufactures and the very poor customer service that goes with it.

Check out the Part two of the story…

Sears: 14 Sorry’s and 15 But’s



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Business Plans: You Got To Have One!

I don’t know how long a business can go without a business plan.  I have written on this subject a few times, but I keep reading others opinions on the need for a Business Plan.

I find it very interesting how some people who are currently in business do not feel they need a business plan.  Guess that explains why when I asked how their business is doing they don’t know…

Business Plans: Yes They Are Needed Still!


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Sears: Do You Really Want To Shop There?

There is a huge quality issue that needs to be addressed in America and all over the world. I am blogging a series of reports on bad quality. Check out blog

Sears: 14 Sorry’s and 15 Buts

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WGC-Accenture Match Play: Mr Business Golf Predictions

After all was said and done, I picked 50% of the winners of the WGC Match Plan.  IN the final round, I picked Henrik Stenson to win.  And Trevor Immelman beat my pick of Chad Campbell for third place.

Here is the full story.IBGS Report

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Tech World News Never Slows Down At Technically Speaking

You would thinking that for one day during one week of one month during one year there would not be any news on something concerning the Internet, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Technology, Tech News, Gadgets, Software, Widgets, Wiki, Web 2.0 and the list goes on.

But I have not seen a day that someone is not making news in this huge market.

There is always something someone is reporting on. 

And it is no different over at Technically Speaking.  There is a lot of Tech stuff reported there.  OH, don’t get me wrong, there is much more reported by others and maybe reported a different way at other sties, but as far as providing you another point of view there is probably not another site that shots much straighter than Technically Speaking….

Yes, I write for TS and I write for this site and I write for five other sites, but like all of the sites I write for, I do so because I like to and I like to because I want to write for the sites that are run by people who are professional and have a clean vision of what it is their site is all about.

Technically Speaking is all about reporting what is going on around the world as a whole, not just Tech or just the who’s who kinda reporting you see everywhere else.  TS cover more and since I am now on the volunteer staff I know what is coming up to keep the site heading for the top of the Tech News World Report.  

If you have not seen Technically Speaking then you need to check it out…a great site for information on that is going on around the world of everything.

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WGC Match Play FINAL Round: Mr Business Golf Predictions

For the record, I was 50% on my predictions going into the final round.   Of course you check all of my preditions over at Mr Business Golf

There were two round today and this really takes it out of ya.  After 36 holes of match play, it comes down to Physical Fitness as well as mental sharpness. Once you reach your bodies maximum endurance, the legs start wobbling, the back starts spasms, the eyes blur,  shots go all over the place, the hands get sore and the putter starts getting shaky…

Of course I am not sure what the Professional feel like after 36…I am talking about me just walking from the parking lot to the first tee.

So, it is final round.  Theoretically, this is the best two golfers for this week playing heads up match play until there is a winner…there is no tomorrow.


My predictions are marked in RED…



Final Bracket

Wow, this is going to be a show tomorrow for this match.  Strength verses finesse…. I really like Henrik’s chance here.  He has been on fire for two weeks.  I keep given up on him, but he keeps proving me wrong.  Geoff can handle the pressure.  He seems to thrive on it and produces shots when he needs one…and his putter is pretty hot.  This is a hard one to choose, but I will go with the Ironman Stenson over Scrapper Ogilvy

9-Henrik Stenson (Sweden) v 11-Geoff Ogilvy (Australia)

Third Place

I told ya, I am not giving up on Tex.  The 40 mph wind and dust storm we had here today was from the dust Chad stirred up there North of Tucson as it traveled all the way Texas…Trevor has fooled the crap out of me…a solid player to say the least, but I am taking Campbell over Immelman for Third Place.

12-Trevor Immelman (South Africa) v 34-Chad Campbell (U.S.)



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GiveMeAFrigginBreak is Catching On!

gmafb-inital-green-g-flat-black.jpgLooks like the thing is really catching on. Word is some big time Videocast sites are bidding for sponsorship of a big contest going to be launched to the members of that site…REAL soon…Might be a good idea to get signed up so you are not left out…or not..

Plus, the poplularity if starting with two new Blog sites that have been cooked up to provide even more coverage of all of the crap that is being posted on the internet. check these out at

GMAFB Blogger
GMAFB WordPress

Don’t think you hvae seen everything on the internet until you have seen this site…Join now!

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