Chicks Who Blog Golf

These Chicks who play golf just keeping improving their blog and web sites so much they just can’t stay in one place. I think it is great.

A couple of the Golf Chicks I have on my IBGS Blogroll recently moved their blog sites to Greener Fairways.golfgal-96.jpg

A couple of weeks ago the GolfGal of Chix with Stix moved her WordPress Blog over to Blogger to capture a few of their features…. She has a real keen eye to what really matters in golf and she covers just about all of it.

golf-chick-logo.jpgThen my friend Golf Chick jumps up today and moves her Blogger show over to her own domain. Good move and her site has a real good look. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with over there.

Of course I can’t go talking about ‘Chicks who Golf’ without mentioning my lady of golfgolf-girl-full-length-link.jpg fashion, TheGolfGirl. Well she still is on Blogger, but if the trend of all these lady golfers keeps up I would not be surprised seeing GolfGirl show up over here on WordPress…or her own domain. We will just have to see. If you are following GolfGirl then you know she is heading off to Paris for some Business and Golf. Not sure if it is Business Golf she is playing. She did not consult with me on that if she is, but I am sure when she gets back we will have to wear Gucci Sunglasses to read her blog to keep from going blind from the bright colored European Golf fashions she will be reporting on.

fairway-flapper.jpgFairway Flapper, LizzyQ, Her headline says, “A Dainty Conservative Feminist”. ….I like that. Lizzy also has something to say to her readers on her view of golf. She is set up over on the Blogger platform and keeps a lot of golf news posted on her site.

How about the Newbie to the women’s golf blogsphere, the ChickswithSticks, Lulu. She islula.jpg over here with me on WordPress. Lulu mixes it up with a little different look at women’s golf. Check out her site and you will see what I am mean.

All this moving is good…it means these ladies knows what is important. It is good for golf that they keep the world informed on their points of views and what is happening in the world of women’s golf.

These ladies balance out my current IBGS Blogroll of ‘Chicks who Golf’. I am a huge supporter of women’s golf and women’s business. I am always looking for more ladies who have something to say about women’s business, women’s golf, or heck saying something about golf is good also.

You ladies rock! Let me know how I can help.


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