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If T.O (Terrell Owens) Played Golf


If you live in Dallas like I do, it is hard to get away from hearing about T.O. (Terrell Owens).  Even on the golf course…’hey, did you hear what T.O. got away with today?’  Come on guys…not in my backswing…

Every channel on the tube has some point of view and ever sportscaster has something to say…mostly saying the something.  You all living in NY and CA, you get to see this mess from ESPN or online just a couple of times a day….I have to hear it and see it every frigging minute of the day.  At business meetings, at lunch, at the grocery store, the dry cleaners…and yes especially at Home Depot

So’ let’s have pleasant thoughts now and talk about the weather.  Yes, the weather is changing here in North Texas.  The 100 degree temps are still here but their days are numbered.  I will not be long before it will be Friday Night Football….dam, couldn’t get away from something related to T.O.

OK, let’s try this.  The weather is cooling off so golf can now be played the entire day and not just at 6AM to 10AM.  The only other activities being held after that time are two-a-day football practices…see, I went and did it again…something relating to football which leads right back to T.O.

OK, let’s face it.  Let’s talk T.O.  Jerry Jones in his infamous wisdom knew what he was getting when he signed T.O. for a ka-trillion dollar.  Yes, he knew that as soon as T.O. cashed his signing bonus check he would immediately become a professional ‘stationary’ cyclist for the entire training camp.  

No, No, No, you do not want to get tough with your ‘billion dollar baby’ and make him mad or something awful like telling him he is fired…he might not want to play for your team if you went and did something like that.    Or, even suggest that he might like have to practice before he can play. 

No, they are not going to do that.

No they are going to make their injured kicker play in a preseason game hurt and aggravating the injury even worst  and then discipline the kicker for being hurt…but, not T.O.   

OK, enough of this BS.  Here is the question I know you all have the answer to. 

If T.O. was a PGA Tour player would he be getting paid for riding a stationary bike on the tee box while the other players hack it our for a living? 

Do I have to answer that? 

What is wrong with JJ and the almighty Coach Parcells who use to eat prima donnas for breakfast?  This is football.  Aren’t you supposed to play hurt?  At least that was what I was told when I played football.   Come on, lets get the football off the tube here in Dallas and let other things be talked about that are of much more interest, like the Ryder Cup.  I will even go for NASCAR or Bass Fishing Tournaments….just no more T.O.

It is painful enough for everyone here in Dallas starts off their small talk with ‘How about that T.O.?”   Maybe he should play golf…then I would care…


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Beast Of Burden

(Here is an article from my good friend Rex Dixon. A great point to make for all authors and bloggers, including me.)

That song just happened to pop into my mind as I was formatting this blog in my head today. You know the song, by the Rolling Stones right?

Computers in general are a great way to make a living or use to make your living easier. What everyone tends to forget is that in terms that are not so nice – computers are STUPID! That’s right, as dumb as a box of rocks or I guess I should say as dumb as a box of circuits.

People seem to forget that computers are inanimate objects. In layman’s terms it’s nothing more then a piece of electronic gear that does some rather nifty things for you. The only issue that people seem to always forget is that it does *NOT* think! I say this from years of working with them, and people who believe that computers can think. They can not.

Annie get you gun.

Why did I just type that? It was done to obviously illustrate a point. Most people will read that and not think twice. They will visually insert the “r” where there is none. Some people will do that. Others will read it as is, and will go, “Ah, the person meant to say your and not you!” In either case, the computer usually will not catch that as an error.

Wear know mane has gone before.

Again, the computer won’t ever hit that last sentence. Does it make any sense the way it is written? No. Does the computer hit on it at all? No. You as a person, do you understand what it says? Yes.

That right there is the main difference between humans and computers in a nutshell. Computers in our society have become our own beast of burden so to speak. Most people rely on them daily in their workplaces or at home.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you must never remove the human element from your professional life. Anytime you communicate via a blog, e-mail, web site, instant message, or forum online you should strive to come across as a person that still knows how to use that one last human element. That of course is our ability to think. Thinking is what separates us as the more intelligent objects on this planet Earth, at least Technically Speaking.

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2006 Ryder Cup: Lehman’s The Captain, But It’s Tiger’s Team

Has Tiger come to the K to play or to lead the USA as a team? Tiger is 30 years old now and his father has taught him well. My friend Scott Walker has nailed this point in his article.

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Desert Golf Vacation: Let the Party Begin!

(Following is the third of a six part report on golfing in the Palm Springs area in the summer.)

Our third day started off a little like the second day with arriving at the wrong Pete Dye Golf Course we were suppose to be playing.  I understand that there are a bunch of Pete Dye Golf Courses in the area, but to have two courses called the Pete Course next to each other at two different facilities names Mission Hills really tested my consciousness at 8AM (6AM Texas time).

So with Starbucks in our hands we jumped into the car and drove about three hundred yards to the Mission Hills Country Club where we were greeted by a security guard that did not have our name on the gate access sheet.  He asked us to call the pro-shop to validate who we were…yes, you read this correctly, we were suppose to call the pro-shop and ask them to validate who we were and let the security guards know by sending him a message. 

After his lengthy debate with my already irritated wife on the merits of his wisdom, he opened the gate and let us through.  A wise decision on his part since he did not want her to get out of the car…believe me…nobody gets in her way from play her favorite country club, and more importantly, in her way from shopping in her favorite pro-shop…

The golf professional advised us that we had a choice of playing the Pete Dye course that is in rough shape since the Tournament (Dinah Shore) had been closed for several months for reconditioning forcing them to put their entire membership and guest on the Dye course. 

He suggested that we might want to play the Palmer Course, which is Mission Hills Country Club’s Third course. Of course we were up to playing a course we never played so we agreed it would be fun and started to saddle up to play the Palmer Course.

After walking down the two flights of stairs to the ground level we got to the carts where we were met by a very friendly Aussie who gave us the run down for the day.  ‘Hav ya played the Palmer before mate?’ My quick reply of ‘Nope!’ tipped my hand to him that I was Texas… and from that point on we hit it off.  We received some advise on the 12th hole of it being a ‘bit of a bonker so keep the wicket sticky when you cut the corner’…when asked to translate that it came out as, ‘Really make sure you rip your drive if you are going to cut the corner of the lake on the 12th hole.  A little something to look forward to mate.

Looking down the first fairway did not rally tell us what we were going to be getting into.  Plus, the Sun was starting to get up over the roofs of the houses…so here we go…Desert Golf.

By the time we got to the fourth hole the sun was getting up and the heat was come on.  A quick reapplication of sun screen and downing of another bottle of water got us going again.  But little did we know that we were just in for the beginning of a REAL HOT day.

By the time we got to 9th hole we found out what the golf professional was saying about cutting back on staff for the season, because the halfway house was not open.  So, it was the bottle water and the ice in our bucket for the rest of the round.


Then we came up on the 12th hole that my mate told me about.  At first looking down the fairway I was trying to locate the green.  About that time one of the carts from the group in front of us darted off to the right and saw them climbing the next tee box.  Stepping out into the fairway confirmed my assumption that the green was to the far right but it also confirmed that there was water in front of the green.  Stepping back to the tee I then looked to see a huge bunker sitting to the corner of the dogleg about 235 yards.   Over it was a fairway going to the right.  No problem mate. 


I pulled out the big dog and stroked a real nice drive that I thought was over the bunker.  Strutting down to my ball the scene quickly changes when a Lake appeared in front of the bunker and a lake on the right side of the bunker and stretching around the bunker where my ball was laying in the lake…


Sticky wicket huh?  It would take about a 265 yard drive with all carry to make over the bunker and the finger of the lake to hit the fairway.  I quickly questioned if this hole was designed by Palmer or did Pete Dye sneak over one night while they were building this hole and do his wizardry of placing invisible hazards you can’t see from the tee?  I can only wonder about that.

Making my drop I shot a dart into the three feet of the pin and tapped in for a bogey…making me even more aggravating since where I dropped was probably a three iron from the tee…OH well, greedy will always get you into trouble.

We finished up the round just in time.  The asphalt surface of the parking lot was just staring to soften just enough so if you stood in one place too long you were going to lose a soft spike if not an entire shoe.  The temp was well over 100 degrees as we loaded up the clubs.

After a wonderful lunch we drove back to the Westin where I immediate passed out for about an hour before it was shopping time again.  But before I started on that adventure I wanted to know where we were going to eat dinner.  A short discussion resulted in us deciding to go to the Arnold Palmer. 

How fitting after being ate a live on the 12th hole of the Arnold Palmer Course at the Mission Hills Country Club, we are now going over to Arnies’ place to eat.  If there is an Aussie meeting me at the door telling be to watch out for the meat loaf I am leaving…

But before we ate we have to do the shopping thing…so we headed over to Rodger Dunn’s.  We had fond memories of our last visit to Roger Dunn’s eight years earlier where he had mountains of discontinued Foot Joy all leather Classic golf shoes for penny’s on the dollar of the retail value..

Rodger Dunn’s was located at the same place  Date Palm Hwy and 111 Hwy.  But that was the only thing that was the same.  When we walked in the door we notice that there was something different…there were no people in the store.  The mountain of clearance shoes was replaced with a display of about 20 pair of shoes in sizes none humans could wear.  13EEE or 5 ½  AAA   What happened? 

Well none of the guys working there had any memory of what the place looked like before since they had only been working there for a few months.  What a shame, we left and did not see a thing we wanted.

Well Arnie’s Place, here we come…  Just entering the door you know you are at Arnies Place.  There is a photo of Arnold hanging on every wall that documented his very long career.  He was pictured with every player you could think of and there were golf bags with his name on them everywhere in the bar.  A really great place.

But the food was what I will remember the most.  After playing in the heat all day a good meal of normal food and vegetable really sounded good.  So I had he Pot Roast, which I was told was Arnie’s favorite but I questioned it since that was our waitress told the couple next to use about the Beef Stroganoff.  

The wine list was vast with all the wines from California….but I was in a mood for a martini…which they said was the best in town.  So my remark was …Bring them on!

In a few minutes comes a great martini.  On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being outstanding…it was a 7.   Since I like my martini dirty straight up, they tipped the olive juice a little too much, but the flavor was excellent for a REAL dirty martini.  No complaints but I am still looking for the best martini in Palm Springs…

The evening closed with a very nice drive back to Rancho Mirage from La Quinta.   And then it was off to bed to get ready for the next Desert Golf adventure…the Indian Wells Country Club in Indian Wells, CA ..the Classic Course…Stay tuned. There is a lot more to this vacation.

Scot Duke,  President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping businesses improve their marketing strategies. As author of: How To Play Business Golf, Mr. Duke outlines the steps to sucessfully using golf as a business tool.  To learn more about Mr. Duke, IBGS or to purchase How To Play Business Golf visit  


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Chris DiMarco: The ‘Regular Guy’ Golfer

I am the kind of guy who really doesn’t want to watch the marquee golfers. Just like when I go to the event, when I watch golf on TV I look for the player that fits my mood for they day. If I want to watch finesse I follow Fred Couples. If I want to watch distances with finesse, I follow Fred Couples and if I want to watch flag shooting, well, I walk along with Fred Couples. But there are more players out there than Fred and that is what makes GOLF the best sport to watch.

Most people want golf to be like other sports where you only support or cheer on one team or one person. And the other players are the enemy and you are a loser if you support them. You have seen these guys; they are the ones who wear their favorite team’s shirt or favorite player’s jersey with their name and number on it.

So go the golf fans who only watch golf to see Tiger or Phil and have no interest in the other players. In some cases they will boo other players who are playing better or even worst, beating the marquee player.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Tiger fan, but I am also a Phil fan, and Ernie fan. I am pretty much just a golf fan. And I have to agree that there are some golfers I like better than others, like Fred Couple who will be my all-time favorite and some players I like less like Sergio will be my all-time loser.

Now why do I make a statement of support of everyone and then state support for some and not for others? Well, simply put, I am a golf fan, and not just a regular golfer fan who watches golf on TV, but I am a true golf fan who goes to the event when they come to town, that looks at stats and then watches other players that the TV sponsors don’t want you to watch.

And that brings me to Chris DiMarco. Wow, what a true golfer. I will not hold it against him because he hails from Huntington, NY., because he doesn’t look or act like someone who hails from NY. OH, there are a lot of other things I like about Chris than his diversity and the main one is his appeal to the ‘Regular Guy’.

Chris does not boom out 300 plus yard drives. Neither does the regular guy. Chris does not have the textbox golf swing. Neither does the regular guy.

Chris has bad golf days. So does the regular guy. Chris…well, he loves a challenge and will face down a rabid Tiger any day of the week, on any golf course, from any set of tees, in any weather.

Now that is where Chris steps just above the regular guy because the regular only wishes he/she could do this. And that makes Chris the golfer the regular guy wants to watch. Chris walks like a regular golfer, he dresses like a regular golfer and he shows his emotions like a regular golfer. He is just a regular guy’s golfer.

From the Popeye forearms to the upside-down sunglasses placed on the back of his Ping Golf Cap, Chris, walks, talks and fights through a round of golf just like the way a regular guy would want to play.

Oh, yaw, there are people who would like to be able to stalk and pounce like Tiger or have the patience of Annika (Yes, I am a big supporter of women’s golf so I put the best women in there with the men). Most regular guys want to support or cheer on a Regular Guy.

So, why Chris? And Not Jason or Luke or whoever? Well there has not been any other player that has produced a vivid memory of play Chris displayed up against a wounded Tiger. Chris matched the best golfer in the world shot for shot under tremendous pressure. Even though Chris couldn’t close the deal, The Tiger did not walk over Chris and there was none of this collapsing with a drive off the hospitality tent or a ball in the trash can…it was punch for punch, blow for blow, full round, heavyweight, super bowl golf. Just what the regular guy likes.

Come Ryder Cup time. Chris will be the guy I keep my eye on. The Tiger may prawn and stalk his pray for the TV gallery, but our man Chris will just walk up to them, kick their ass, then take their name. Just like the regular guy would want to do…Go get them Chris.

Scot Duke, President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies. As author of: How To Play Business Golf, Mr. Duke outlines the steps to sucessfully using golf as a business tool. To learn more about Mr. Duke, IBGS or to purchase How To Play Business Golf visit

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Performance Enhancing Drugs: Are Professional Golfers Using Them?

Are there golfers on the professional tour using performance enhancing drugs? I can not rule it out, but again I am not certain they are not. Is testing needed? For the future of the game and kids who see golf as a sport where enhancements are not needed to have fun, I would say yes, do the test and lets find out.

JFB over at has really nailed now some good thought on this subject.

Scot Duke, President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies. As author of: How To Play Business Golf, Mr. Duke outlines the steps to sucessfully using golf as a business tool. To learn more about Mr. Duke, IBGS or to purchase How To Play Business Golf visit


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US Opens Schedule

If you are one of those people who like to plan their life several years in advance, here is the dates and places for the US Open up 2013.

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