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Golf: Where is It Going?

I think I have written about this before…no, wait a minute! That is what I am writing about in my next book. I thought this subject was familiar.

So, where is golf going? Interesting enough, golf is heading towards yet another crossroad. Seems there is always something coming up in golf that could cause it to take a left turn to nowhere.

Today it is the Drug Testing Policy, yesterday it was the Fed-Ex Cup, a year ago it was the golf ball and before that it was the golf club. The list of things golf has had to deal with goes no for centuries.

What golf will have to deal with in the future will move to the problems outside the ropes. Large problems golf needs to deal with that will keep golf from continuing to draw people to watch golf on TV. Things the leaders golf feel are minuscule, trivial and would go away if ignored are now playing bigger and bigger parts in what people who want to get involved with golf think about golf.

Things like ‘pace of play’, ‘bad behavior’ and ‘lack of management’ of the game played everywhere will turn more people away from golf than the 400 yard drives made by Bubba and Tiger will draw into the game.

These problems are going to eventually reduce the number of people interested in taking the time to go attend a professional golf tournament. When that happens, sponsors for the event and TV ads will pull back and the event will be forced into defunct. Once that takes place the exposure of golf to the masses is cut off and there goes another generation of boys and girls who will miss out on learning a game that teaches them how to handle themselves with everything they will deal with in life.

Hum, there is a lot going on in golf isn’t there? Never before has golf been seen by so many people. The bad part of this large scale exposure has to do with the things the top professionals are doing and how they are acting is being seen by millions of wannabe golf professionals. Golf can only hope that the next generation of golfers does not take how they are acting and how they talk as the way they should be when they take their turn at the top of professional golf.

I would hate to see the aggression that has worked itself into other sports being forced into the marketing of golf just to get people to watch it. Full contact golf should not have much appeal, but because that is the way it is marketed more people will watch or attend which pleases the sponsors.

Yes, the problems golf will have to deal with goes on from here. Let’s hope changes are made soon that keeps golf from taking a left turn when it should have made a right.

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I’m Back! For a while, anyway

mr-business-golf-straight-up-small.jpgWOW, I am back!  From where?  Well I took a few weeks off to get after writing my next book and it is well down the road to completion, but I need to do some more research on a few of the issues I am addressing in the book.  Plus, the Business Golf Country Club has really taken off.  So I am working on that venture also.

As you know the golf season is winding down and there is a lot of subject I want to address for all golfers to think about while the season changes to non-golf weather.

I will be mostly over on the IBGS site. However, I have so much stuff to publish for my fans and viewers to read I will be back here writing about some of the issues affecting golf.  You can catch me just about everywhere.  Of course I will be back to talking business operations over on Duke Consults and talking trash at Is This All Really Worth It.  Along with being on Facebook and  AND, you can catch some of my antics over on Twitter and Pownce.

So, crank those FeedReaders back up and get on the mailing lists for the newsletters.  I am back to full blogging mood.  At least for the time being…

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