About Me

mr-business-golf-straight-up-small.jpg Yes I am a no nonsense entrepreneur whose mission is to show everyone how golf can be a fun way of doing business.

I racked up 31 years of experience in operations management, business marketing and years of organizing golf events. From this experience I outlined my approach to bring golf into business as an effective tool to use to gain success.

I was recognized by my peers for my keen ability to manage towards success. I laid out the plan to follow to secure successful business opportunities through playing business golf.

I am President/CEO of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC, a consulting service company providing businesses with assistance in finding solutions to securing their valuable customer and employee base.

My wife, Kat and I live in Dallas, Texas.

Naturally I enjoy golf, writing, business consulting, playing blues guitar, helping junior golf programs and getting involved with anything that has to do with golf.

I am also co-founder of Screen Door Open Charity Golf, Inc, a 501c3 non-profit organization, whose mission is to raise funds for junior golf programs.


’As an experienced businessman and golfer, Scot knows both sides of the aisle on thismbg-at-we-ka-pa-large.png subject and provides great rules of thumb as well as nuances you may not have considered in the realm of business golf. If you’ve ever had a question about what golf can do for you as a business tool, or how to go about organizing and conducting yourself during a business golf outing, Scot’s book is the equivalent of a how-to manual…’

Matt McKay

Chief Editor of Texas Golf Magazine
Dallas, TX


9 responses to “About Me

  1. bjaywalter

    I wanted to return the favor and visit your site (or do you say blog). I feel quite honored that you took the time to look over my very small efforts on blogging. After I reach my goal of scratch golf, my goal is to some how parley that into a career in golf at some level, so your blog seems to be one that I’ll be able to use.

    BTW I noticed that you play blues guitar, so do I.

  2. Bjay,

    Yes, I support anyone who wants to take on the challenges that golf can bring, both on and off the course.

    Yes, Blues Guitar is a love and one of those things like golf that I wished I had taken more seriously when I was a kid where I could enjoy it more now.

    Check out my podcasts at http://clickcaster.com/businessgolf

  3. Scot – I think the Las Vegas golf website concept you mentioned over at my blog is an excellent idea. Keep me posted.

    But wait… you are a no-nonsense entrepreneur and I’m a … nonsense entrepreneur!

  4. punecurry

    Kudos to you for your mission. I’ve been playing golf since I was 10, not very regularly (3days a year) but still love the game.
    The city I live in is also picking up with the golf craze. Golf in Pune is becoming a fast growing business tool as well.
    Looking forward to picking up tips from your blog.

  5. Dear Scot,
    congrats on a great website, I’m playing golf for almost 7 years now and there are very few things that helped my business grow and flourish in similar way, found a few real friends as well.

  6. bobbio56

    Mr. McKay,

    Blues guitar and golf. Wow, my combo as well. Nice site. Beginning golf blogger checking out other people’s work. What guitars do you own and who are your blues influences?



  7. drtombibey

    Grils, guitars and golf almost kept me from being a doc, but I made it anyway. I’m a mandolin player now. Enjoyed your site.


  8. tanyakschenck

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    Thank You,
    Tanya Schenck

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