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Golf Style: What Year Is it Anyway?

‘I love golf! I don’t know how to play, I just love the clothes”. Have you heard anyone say this lately? I have and it is getting a little disturbing since the people who are saying this are now heading to the golf course solely to be around other people who are there for the clothes, not the golf.

For a golfer, this can be dangerous. Why, well have you seen how tight the shirts are for the guys? They don’t come in sizes anymore they come with PSI ratings. And stretchy! A friend of mind is getting about five yards extra out of every shot just from the recoil from the shirt he was wearing. He is thinking of going to a higher PSI so he can get another yard or two from exhaling.

Most of the ‘I love the clothes’ remarks come from the ladies… And I am not sure why. Is it the colors are the very short shorts? I think it is the shoes.

A few years ago I hosted a golf school out in
Las Vegas and two business associates join the school so they could get started playing golf since they heard golf courses were a great place to meet guys. That is another story, but their main interest of golf (outside of meeting guys) was the shoes and accessories. Now these ladies were beginner golfers and had never hit a golf ball their entire life. They took the list of items I told them they would need for the golf school to their local golf pro shop. They showed the Pro the list of things I told them they needed and he took them all over the store to get what they needed. When the ladies got to the shoe department that was the end of the journey. They bought two pair of shoes each. As they were loading up all of their goodies the Pro at the store told them that if they really wanted to fit into the golf arena they should consider stopping by Celebration of Golf in
Las Vegas. When they found out what they had to offer they booked their flight into
Las Vegas a day early so they could stop by there.

Cutting to the chase, when they showed up for the golf school they looked like they were coming to play in the LPGA. Now this was a three day golf school and they came dressed in a different outfit each day. And after three days of golf school they finally were able to hit a golf ball about 20 yards. But, Man, did they look good when that happened.

I am not sure if golf can afford attracting the fashion conscious combined with the spring loaded golf shirts. I don’t think standing behind the ball when one of these golfers tees it up is even a safe place to be..

Scot Duke

PresidentInnovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC.

‘My Blog’



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Blackberry This: But Not In A Seminar

I have the fortune to have been provided over 46 credited hours of Time Management training at some of the top learning institutes in the country along with 31 years of application and training of Time Management and all of its positive attributes.

Enough said on why I can talk about this subject.

Now let me talk about why I am talking about this subject.

For the last 10 years there has been a real decline in people, both non-business and business people, who have taken the managing of TIME to a disrespectful level. And the disrespect comes from some people feeling that texting on the cellphone or Blackberry while in a seminar on learning how to manage their time is managing their time.

So what is the problem that is requiring people to have to manage their time to such extremes?  If you ask them they will tell you they have too much to do.  Too much WHAT?  Doing things that are a waste time.  The problem starts when the people take on too much personally and professionally.  They want to be good parents and get their kids involved in every thing the kids want to do, plus a few the parents want them to do.  And on the business side of things they set an unreasonable goal of making some out of reach amount of money in a short time frame that only winning the lotto or the power ball would get close to accomplishing.

I’ll go down the parenting trap side of time wasted.  I am a big supporter of getting kids off the streets, out from in front of the X-Boxes, out of tattoo parlors and off and get these kids involved in something that will generate their ability to live long enough to get enough experience to rebut me on this thread.  But, parents have to make a decision on what and how much.  And, even limit that if they are going to take on a job.  That is the answer to the problem, but why.

I few years ago I was playing golf with a friend who asked me to help him figure out were he is wasting time so he could get out on the golf course more.  I remember that during the round my friend would stop and pull out his Blackberry to review emails.  He had five kids (at the insistence of his wife) he was trying to keep up with.  His wife held several degrees in something that would make her a million dollars and she wanted to continue the search for the buck.  He, also was every educated and trained for the business world, was somewhat successful, but had a 10 year plan that was in its 8th year towards retiring at 45 and was several million dollars from his goal.  They had the housekeepers (that they would have to hire and fire about three times a year) and the nanny (that they would have to hire and fire about three times a year).. I think you see a pattern here.   

He had to keep in touch with his kids through Blackberry, cellphone and one of his teenagers with GPS locators.   He has two in soccer, one in ballet, one in martial arts and twins who will not get out from in front of the X-Box any longer that what it takes to get online to find out the latest tattoo design they want to get, the knurliest new piercing they are going to get, and where everyone in the is going to gather after school.   His wife is also online with him and the kids from wherever she is in the world. So, if he misses an email he might loose track on who, what and when.   But I am sure you have met someone like this if you are not like my friend.

Simply put, there is way too much pressure placed on people to meet some sort of standard of living that someone placed way back when, say 50 years ago when Color TV came out and
Hollywood established a life style only about .0001% of the population can live.  But made everyone think that if they did not live at this standard they were not WORTHY.   And, yes, I, like the other 99.9999% of the population, am guilty of pursing that live style.  Hell, I live in
Dallas for Pete’s sakes…

But I digress..  What has to be done and is what I did about 10 years ago was to look up the definition of the word, and started using the word, NO.  I said NO to my kids, they can’t join too many activities because if they want to live where they are living, I and their mother had to work.   So they could only join activities that were self sufficient or fit into the family scheduled.  I said No to work.  I did not take on the assignments that the bosses where handing down that were the result of bad management or the company’s greed to layoff people and make the remaining workforce do three people’s job.  I said NO to a lot of things until I got to where I was doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.   And I did it still taking my kids to activities to keep them off the streets and moving up the ladder of the corporate world.  And play golf and take golf trips. 

I advised my friend what he had to do and it was going to be hard, but if he wanted to remain sane he had to attempt do it.

I saw my friend on the golf course last week.  I caught up to him in the grill for a drink to see where he is and he jump right into telling me that since he started using the word NO, he has started his own business, did some wheeling and dealing to get his family set up in a huge home that is nearly paid for, his wife also started using the word NO at work and was placed in a position where she works out of the house and still draws down the bucks.  His kids are now doing just one activity they got to choose, the tattooed twins finally saw their mistakes after getting an infection from one of the premier tattoo parlors and are now in college playing on the golf teams with full scholarships.  And, more importantly, my friend has dropped five strokes on his handicap. 

Yes, he still has the Blackberry, cellphone and GPS, but they are in the office or his golf bag in off position and are only used to call the clubhouse to have the beverage cart meet him with his favorite beverage.  

I am not taking the credit for making this change because my friend knew what he had to do before he did it.   The fact is everyone needs to look at what they are spending their time doing and the time they wasting doing something that  someone else should be doing.  Don’t waste your life thinking that if you are not on your Blackberry with your Boss all day long he is going to fire you for not being worthy.  And don’t put your kids into everything so they can get looked at as being cool or that allows you to live vicariously through them.  Cut it all out; say NO to the boss on doing stuff that takes more than 6 hours a day to do.  If he can’t live with it he/she will soon learn that he/she is going to have to learn NO if they want to keep good people and stay in business.  Too many bosses are using 1940’s methods of managing by intimidation will be forced to go out of business or change to hire the appropriate number of people to produce a quality product or service.  Over committing to everything is what is casing the pagers and the cellphones to go off in my seminars and on the golf course and in order to hear what is needed to change all of this people are going to have to learn how to manage their time so they can hear what others have to say to help them live a better life.  So, Blackberry this…turn off the Blackberry!



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Anchor Your Customer & Employee Base

Posted to Tribe.Net

I have been reading most of the threads on this site for a while to evaluate its worthiness to me and my clients who have hired me to find where the best places online should they invest their time in.

My evaluation of this site is out on my blog site so I will leave that for you to read for yourself.

The reason I am writing is to provide the members of this site, all alleged CEO’s (the leaders of business and people), some insight into a few things that every business is challenged with that if not gotten under control will make spending time here on this site worth nothing. And, this could explain why there is only an average of one interesting post to this particular site per month.

So here goes for those of you still with me and are really looking for help solving you greatest business challenges.

There are a number of challenges businesses face but the top five pretty much are what you are dealing with right now.

The fifth is Trust, you don’t trust anyone, your customers and employees don’t trust you.

The fourth is the evaporating market. You re getting competition from everywhere the market is saturated with copy cat businesses that thrive on not being unique leaving businesses that are trying to change the market sitting on this site trying to find a solution.

The third is the fear of NOT getting an ROI. The catch word of the 21st century. The generation X and the baby boomers demand for quick gratification on every investment of every dollar. The business colleges are pumping out MBA’s that focuses on this mentality.

The second is raising costs. Yes, the CFO’s and COO’s of the world rational for everything they can’t do is based on rising costs. The headlines are full of CEO’s and top executives changing to other company’s, why? They failed to find a way to control costs.

Then the number one and the first challenge that comes out of every CEO’s mouth that has to stand up in front of his stockholders on why their ROI is not higher is due to ……Falling Profits.

OK, I stated the problems, what is the solution. If you look at these there is one that if solved will make the others disappear. And that one is not the one you probably would pick. It is Trust.

The lack of trust or care from you customers to be loyal to whatever it is you are in business to provide is the cause of all of these woes. OK, what is the solution to improving trust?

First of all there are very few things you can to improve trust because you have to build trust. And to build trust you have to get personally involved. Trust does not come in a letter, a post on this site or an email. Trusts come from looking someone in the eye and finding out what they are needing so you can provide it. You will not solve the trust problem unless you take a personal approach. You do this and you can start securing your customer base.

Hey, I have 20 thousand customers how I get to all of them personally. You tape into that other important resource you need to secure…your employees. Everyone who works for you should be able to represent your business like you sales people. And if treated right they probably would kick your sales department’s ass.

OK, how do you do this? People there is one business tool that if used correctly would create an interest amongst your customers to want to stay doing business with you much longer and will keep you from having to keeping from training new employees because your employee base is not about to leave due to them being now loyal to your company.

The answer is not what you suspect and, s not something a traditional consultant will say is viable because they usually do not know how to use it correctly. The one method that goes about solving trusts is generally presumed to not be cost effective, due again because most people do not know how to use it correctly. But it works and if you got your entire company involved using it you would be out here posting your ass off because you now have time and reason to tell other people in leaderships rolls what worked for you. Just like I am doing.

What is it that solved all of these problems? Business Golf

OK, click away if you may, but I have gotten it to work and it will improve business. And the way I go about telling you how to do it is not like how you are using it today, if you are.

Anyway. Business Golf will bring in more business, keep employees and customers happen and make more people want to do real business with you.

Think about. What have you got to lose? A few pounds around the waste and a few ulcers from worrying about what to do?

Come on, I’ll see you on the first tee.

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Business Golf Time!

It is golf tournament time. I have written and now speaking on the benefits golf can bring to the awareness of your business. The best way to do this is to sponsor and play in a golf tournament. The charity golf circuit is the best way to get to meet other people who play golf, get the word out about your business to people who play golf and sets you up nicely to make a connection to go out and play Business Golf. What is business golf? Well, I will be traveling the country soon telling everyone who wants to know How To Play Business Golf. So stand by..

No it is not just taking someone out for a round of golf and exchanging business cards and it is not pitching someone on you businesses product out on the golf course.

Stay tuned, I’ll be back in a few weeks to give you the schedule on where my seminars will be held… Meantime, sign up for my newsletter at

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Golf: Got To Get After It

Wow! It is April and the Masters is already over and I have not played but 10 rounds of golf this year.
Why? Well like most folks who are in business the time spent running a business and meeting the challenges of businesses today, I just can’t find the time to play. And that is a bunch of hog-wash. I, like 90% of the other business people out there, do not get out playing golf very often because we don’t have a regular crew to play with.
And, I, like 80% of the golfers out there is a member of a country club where there are hundreds of golfers playing everyday.
So, what is my and the 99% of the other golfers who are in business problem? I don’t know, what do you think is the solution to finding other people to play golf with? I have my thoughts, but I want to here yours.
Scot Duke
Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC.

‘My Blog’

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Blogging On Blogger: The Easiest Way TO Go

OK, I am back. Where have I been? Out looking for other ways to blog. My report, stay with Blogger. There are other sites out there for blogging and some might be just as easy as Blogger. Why should you stay with Blogger? Traffic. Or lack of it. This goes back to the reason you blog. Some people have a lot of friends who are nearly surgically connected to the internet. And others, like me, are trying to meet new friends around the world. And you have the people who don’t want friends and blogging to them is like masturbating. IF you are going to blog you want to make it easy. Since Blogger lets you use Outlook to create your blog and email it to your blog site you don’t have to sign in, click some buttons to get to your posting, cut it to a word document to check spelling and then cut and paste it back to the blog site to send it. Just write it and send it. Easy.Yes, there are other sites that do this also, but the point is, TRAFFIC. There is no more traffic to Blogger that the other sites. Traffic being people who actually going to see you blog and then read it. If you are already set up on Blogger just stay there until there is technology that draws the search engine spiders to your site. There are reports out there that there are tricks you can use to get the spiders heading your way, and soon as I find one I will let you know.


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RSVP: Does Anyone Know What It Is Telling You To Do?

I find it real strange how parents are not teaching their kids , for more than two generations now, what you are suppose to do when you get an invitation and it has RSVP. Most people think it means come if you want…

Répondez s’il vous plait (French for ‘Please Reply’)

It wasn’t until I started on this blog that I found out what RSVP stood for. Now I know. But I digress from my point
There seems to be something about people not RSVPing to an invitation. When I found the French word I was reading the history about why the RSVP was stamped on invitations. Back in the Victorian era and before there were some sever consequences to pay if you did not reply.
Hundreds of years ago, being invited to anything was rare. People use to site around after they worked in the fields and look at each other. It wasn’t until the Royalty of the age started doing things to stop the boredom so they would have parties. But after having a party and probably the entire town came because they were bored they started sending invitations to just those few they wanted to come. Eventually each person I the town would receive an invitation to a party since in the heyday of good times the King and Queen throw a party every night.
On the card they would place RSVP. If you did not reply you were not put on the guest list and you did not get through the gates. And if you did not RSVP it was considered the worst form of disrespect to the people who were having the gathering.
So, to make sure the RSVP was respected by all, the morning after the event they would send a town crier (the equivalent of today’s newspaper) to the town square and shout out for all to hear who did not reply to the RSVP’s. For the public to hear this and to know who that person was, was a huge embarrassment since others would had died to have been given an invitation. The public announcement would provide the public with permission to scorn the person for the disrespect, resulting in the person who did not reply to not get any business or worst have to move out of the community.
Today, people get invited to some many things that getting scorned for not RSVPing is looked at as a complement. Parents today are finding it hard to get their kids to understand the RSVP. They want to do the right thing and show their kids the things you do to formally invite someone, but it is not perceived that way when the parents of the kid that received the invitation throws it on the pile of invitations they got for that same Saturday. People are busy (or want you to think they are busy) and they don’t want to be bothered and to forget an RSVP is no big deal. Their attitude is, if you want anyone to come to your party you need to get over it.
The respect for the person who is planning the event is void.
The other action that is also disrespectful is to RSVP the day before the event. Today, people do not want to commit to anything until the last minute. I take it that they are wanting to see if anything better is going to be going on before they commit to go to something they think is a hoax or stuffy. Once they find out they are not getting a better offer the call goes out to apologies and to hope they can still come. Is the person going to say no? They should, but to be nice they say ‘the more the merrier’ and the problem is perpetuated for another generation?
The time has come that if RSVP is not a signal for them reply and the words Please Reply are still ignored, to put your foot down. Call out that town crier and have them sit outside their house with a blow horn on Sunday morning after your Saturday backyard grill fest and let them know who did not RSVP.
Come people, just pick up the phone, email or if you want to be totally traditional send a letter. But RSVP.
Scot Duke
Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC.

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