Moved to New Site: Join Me There

Hey, Business Golf Fans and Social Media enthusiast, I have moved over to the:
Mr Business Golf and Scot Duke sites.

Come join me there!!!!!



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I still have a few spots to fill for my Golf Outing in Phoenix. Check it out.

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ClamBake Café ™

Check out the ClamBake Café on BlogTv.

Next show will be:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008
7:00PM CST

Sign up today for BlogTv so you will not miss the show.

Do not miss this great opportunity to learn more about what is going on in the Online Golf World that is worth while.

golfgal-96.jpgSpecial Guest: Gayle Moss aka GolfGal aka Chix with Stix.

What is it?

The ClamBake Café is a gathering place for all golfers who are asking the question, why should I be online? What is the big deal? Where are the best places to play golf? Why should I blog about golf? Where are the safe places to go online to learn about golf?

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So, Are You Wondering Where I Have Been?

Thought I would stop by and let all of my Business Golf fans know that my new site for my IBGS site launched a few minutes ago.   Come on over and check it out.


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Business Golf: Better Than Ever

For my fans here on the Business Golf: The Real Deal, it has been an adventurous year. Lots of lows and lots of highs. It all balanced out to be a good time to make a change.

What kind of change? Well I have never heard of anyone who put forth the energy to make a change for the worst, so naturally the change I am making is for the better.

The concept of Business Golf started off a few years ago as being something everyone thought they knew what it was all about, but it was not until they read my book, How To Play Business Golf, before they found they were totally wrong. That is what made Business Golf a concept that is totally on the map today with all of the people I have touched with my book and my blogs playing Business Golf as their business’ most effective business tool. So I will be continuing to work towards enlighten people on the virtues of learning how to play Business Golf through offering my book and Vlogs.

What I have found that is keeping people from getting out on the golf course and playing Business Golf is based on most business people’s claims they do not have time. What they are really saying is their business operations are not set up sound enough for them to concentrate on the important things like securing their customer and employee base. So I will be hiring out as a consultant to those who need some sound advice in setting up their business’ operations.

Then last but not the least I will be producing events, conferences and other opportunities to for golfers to come learn or just play Business Golf. These opportunities will be for those who have read my book to go out and try what they learned, plus meet new people, business connections and other golfers.

And I will be doing all of this on my main site IBGS. The new site is in its final reconstruction stages, so look for the new IBGS soon. Until then, come on over and get a taste of what all will be new in Business Golf and Business Operations. Let me know how I can help.

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LG Skins: Ames Sneaks Another One In

Well, the 25th Skins Game finished with Stephen Ames doing what he did last year and dodging several bullets to make a $650k putt. BUT, that is the Skins game and since Indian Wells signed up for at least three more years of the Skins Game we can only hope that Fred will be back to take a walk with Stephen around the 18 Hole ATM.

Now it comes down to who you would like to see play Fred and Stephen next year. For me I would like to see Woody Austin with either Chris DeMarco or Jerry Kelly grind it. It is the hard core money players who are needed to bring the zest back into the game.

I would like to see Phil Mickelson get serious and bring the fun back into his game so he could take Fred’s place one day, but right now, I do not see anyone who can play the Skins like Mr Couples….not even Tiger.

OH, well, guess we will have to just wait to see who it will be who plays next year’s LG Skins Game.

For more on golf, business and business golf check out the <font size = “6”New IBGS site coming soon.

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Business Golf: Where is Waldo?

Can you guess where this golf course is?


Check out the New IBGS Site Coming Soon!

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