Club Corp Sale Update

There still has been no update on what will take place with CCA’s properties after KSL takes over.  So far the only activity at the properties is survey flags popping up along the property lines of the golf courses which mean the sale is proceeding and the surveying companies are making a bundle.

On the course here, it is apparent that there has not been a survey done on this property for probably 50 years since some very large trees and a number of greens and tee boxes sit REAL close to the property lines.

How many of the properties will go on the market or be bulldozed to pay for this deal?  Right now everyone can only guess. Seems this though has most, if not all, property owners on CCA courses handcuffed into knowing if remodeling their homes is worth the investment or if programming their Real Estate Agent’s number into speed dial is a better option.

Again, what is the plan?  There has to be one and the longer the silence the worst the speculation is going to be leading to the greater possibility that members are going to leave or cancel their memberships in speculation that their 50 year old club will be donated to the city and become a Muni….

The feeling is to run and dig deep into your dresser drawer and find you Cup…it could be you will need it.



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2 responses to “Club Corp Sale Update

  1. I am guessing you have a very personal interest in this course? Right near where you live? Is it the course you filmed that video promo you have on your web site – ?


  2. Yes, I live on the fairway of one of the golf courses that is in need of major renovations, along with a complete re-build, not remodel, of a New Clubhouse, since 98% of all of the other properties have received some sort of major renovations of their clubhouse. Plus, my neighbors, who are not bloggers are really feel they have been disrespected by Club Corp for being loyal to the club for some 50 years…yes, half of a century and we are still going to the same clubhouse, or one that has not been updated in nearly 35 years…

    I am tooting the horn for a number of people who don’t know how to toot it or where,,,but who pay the bills for Club Corp…. Just thought I would bring this up for all to know in case they are thinking of joining a Club Corp Club anytime soon…

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