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LG Skins: Ames Sneaks Another One In

Well, the 25th Skins Game finished with Stephen Ames doing what he did last year and dodging several bullets to make a $650k putt. BUT, that is the Skins game and since Indian Wells signed up for at least three more years of the Skins Game we can only hope that Fred will be back to take a walk with Stephen around the 18 Hole ATM.

Now it comes down to who you would like to see play Fred and Stephen next year. For me I would like to see Woody Austin with either Chris DeMarco or Jerry Kelly grind it. It is the hard core money players who are needed to bring the zest back into the game.

I would like to see Phil Mickelson get serious and bring the fun back into his game so he could take Fred’s place one day, but right now, I do not see anyone who can play the Skins like Mr Couples….not even Tiger.

OH, well, guess we will have to just wait to see who it will be who plays next year’s LG Skins Game.

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Business Golf: Where is Waldo?

Can you guess where this golf course is?


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The 2007 Skins Game: ESPN Steps Allover Itself

When it comes to REAL golf the LG’s Skin’s Game provides the most drama and for ardent golfers this two day made for TV event is the Golf Event millions wait all year to watch.

However, it clear that ESPN’s sponsors for the hours of football that is on their networks each weekend feel they are losing viewers to the Skins Game. There attempt to gather viewers during the Skins Game may have back-fired on them.

Asking Fred Couples what he thinks about this year’s line-up of college football playoff teams was a slap to Fred’s golf feats and a rib punch to all the golf fans who could care less about the football games being aired on other channels. Mr Couple’s half-hearted response was probably not what ESPN was expected and Judy Rankin’s jab at network’s efforts to appease the wrong fan base was applauded when she remarked if Fred would comment on the ladies field hockey championship being held in Indian Wells this weekend.

fred-couples-skins.jpgIt was clear Fred was not comfortable talking football while he was playing golf. All Fred Couples’ fans know that Fred likes to talk football. So does Phil Mickelson and other professional golfers. There is nothing wrong with a professional golfer wanting to talk about something else beside golf, but for a football announcer to break in on a golf event in progress to talk to Fred about what he thinks about these seasons line up for the college football playoffs while he is getting ready to hit a golf ball for $50k…well, Fred said it best…

“I am surprised with you asking for my reaction.”

I don’t think you would see Andy North, golf commentator for ABC Sports, break into the Rose Bowl Game to ask the USC quarterback standing on the sidelines what he thinks about the FedEx Cup standings in golf…would you?

Come on ESPN, when are you going to realize that it is not all about Football? And come on sponsors of football programs, don’t you have enough viewers for your products during the football game?

It seems ESPN is falling for the same marketing hype that is pumped out about the mega online social networking groups having 100’s of millions of members by believing more unproven marketing statistics they are provided telling them there are billions of football fans who would view a sponsors products. Maybe so, but most football fans wanting those products are not watching a golf event.

The fans of these two totally different sports are definitely from two different gene pools and no matter how hard ESPN, and other sports networks, want to keep golf off the air during football season, it isn’t going to work. Talking football during the The Skins game is not going to get golf fans to watch football. These type of blatant efforts to insult golfers intelligence with bring football to golf just is going to force the millions of golfers who watch this event to instead of watching football to just go play golf.

Hopefully the thousands of emails ESPN and ABC are now getting for this snafu this they pulled during The Skins game this afternoon will not happen again, but more than likely it will since the sponsors of the football are demanding from ESPN more viewers for the money they are spending on the football game. Where else is ESPN going to get more viewers? Well, in this case they were thinking they were going to get them from the golf event. That didn’t work out did it?

There is more exciting Skins Game taking place tomorrow with Mr Couples leading with $75k in Skins….tune in and find out what Golf is REALLY all about. And OH, yaw, there will be a Football Game on before, during and after The Skins Game.

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It Just Depends On How You Look At It!

Over at The Golf Blog site, there is a report on how Jessica Alba placed on Golf Digests Celebrity Golfer list….jessica-alba-golf.jpgof course she placed 81st out of a 100, but as reported, if you take out all of the men on the list she was #2…with Cheryl Ladd, cherylladd.jpga much better choice for this report, would be #1.

Guess I need to come up with my own list…of something. HUMMMM, I’ll get back to ya on this.

For more view points on ALL Things Golf…check out IBGS.

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Business Golf: Blog for the Sake of Blogging

I had a popular internet marketing guru ask me, “Why do you have so many different blog sites?”. Though my answer was pat he seemed to be astonished to learn that my approach to blogging is not only logical but what more people probably need to do.

My answer to my good friend’s question was two fold. First, I blog on different sites primarily to get to those people who only read blogs on that particular platform. Surveys show that people who blog on WP Free platform usually only read WP Free blogs from tier Tag Surfer or Tag Blogger searches. The same goes with Blogger as well as the more Open Source platforms like Type Pad and WordPress.

The second answer to why I blog on so many different sites is, like most people, I have so many different interests and moods. I wake up in the morning and I may want to pass on my Business Golf Experience or my Business Operations experience or my Internet Blogging experience or my Non-Profit Experience or, more importantly, my humor.

As we went into more questions and answers to why I do what I do and what I write about we got into the debate on if I feel I am to unfocused in my drive to what I do for a living. The answer is yes and no. We have agreed that for most people who have single minded drives what I am doing would not work. And we agreed that what I am doing does provide readers the ability to either focus on one thing I write about or jump around and read everything I have to write about.

To be specific and clear for those new friends I am gathering who may not know or have yet to find out that I have several themes and subject I write about, here is the breakdown, or program, for the sites I write about and the subjects I write about on those sites.

IBGS: Business Golf

business-golf-tees-in-pocket-banner.jpgThis is my home site. A stand alone WP platform I use to focus everyone in what is going on in the world of Business Golf. Here I will write about things that effect business or golf or how business golf can be used. I will review a golf course from a business golf point of view or I will outline a point of a business’ operations that Business Golf can help develop. I will report news on subjects that effect the game of golf and how it effects the golf business or industry. Periodically I will write an essay on some off the wall subject or report on something that effects my business on the internet.

This site would be where someone who is interested in learning more about WHY they need to learn to play Business Golf.

Business Golf: The Real Deal

This use to be my home site until I needed to get more commercial. Most of my pre 2007 archives are still there and I periodically will post a blog there just to keep in touch with the many people I have on my Blogroll over there. This site is on the WP Free platform and as I mentioned, there are a large number of people on the internet who will not venture from the blogs for this platform.

This site is where I focus on the game of golf, the rules of golf and the personalities of golf. This site is where the golfers of the world usually go to read my opinions on what the heck is going on in the world of just golf.

The Duke Consults

Now here is where I cut loose on issues that effect businesses directly. I display here my depth of business experience and problem solving skills. This too is a WP Free platform that will not allow me to commercialize on what I do for a living. However, the fans I draw to this site usually have the intelligence to track me back to my IBGS site.

Here I will periodically report on what is going on around the business world and hammer issues like the absurdities of online social networking groups and decay of business people today feeling that strengthening a business’s operations is not needed.

Business Golf Blog

Now this is the site where it all started for me. My first attempt of learning how to blog and what blogging is all about was done on the Blogger platform. It didn’t take me long to hit Bloggers limits in what back then it would do. Blogger has since come a long way and offered a better and easier platform. Unfortunately, Blogger still looks on the screen like a blog and not a web-site. With that said, I am now seeing people using new themes and other techniques to improve the Blogger’s appearance.

I usually use the Blogger site to do short headline blogs featuring what i am talking about on my other sites as well as some of the important issues many of my internet friends are talking about.

Is This Really ALL Worth It

Now this site is where I just let it all hang out. I started this site after losing a new internet friend who was blogging his attempts to make a living on the internet. His journal of very frank reporting of all of the things he tried that SEO’s Direct Marketers of the sort told him to use and did not work was short lived. In a few short months after investing in a number of SEO’s sites that where just set up to get people’s money he was forced into bankrupts and leaving the blogsphere.

I continue where my find left off to draw to people’s attention the downside of the internet and how Offshore influences are capitalizing on people around the world into thinking that SEO’s sites and Direct Marketing and the many, many MLM’s sites are going to make people a lot of money. I sharpen my pen and really get lathered up on this issue since I am running into them also. I will expose them to what they are and who they are in hopes that it helps those who are down to see that they are not alone. Hopefully I can catch some of these people before they go out and attempt to use these sties method of marketing their sites. There are GOOD SEO’s out there and I will highlight them. My quest for this site is to search for the answer to the question I am asking…Is This Really All Worth It.

Give Me A Friggin Break

Like the Is This Really All Worth It site, I flip things around here and blog on things I find during my many daily surfing through the crap of the internet. I will blog on the issue and promote the web-site that my good buddie Rex Dixon and I created a while back to let others who feel the same way to have a site they can post what they found. The blog site allows people to comment and the web-site allows people to release their frustrations about the crap they find on the internet that just begs for someone to ask someone else to Give Me A Friggin Break.

Now there are a prolifery of other sites I write for and Golf and social sites I am a member of where I also will post a new look at things for their members. The list of those sites is too long to list in this blog. Maybe I will do another post to explain why I am on those sites.

The Bottomline is: If you want to get noticed on the internet you have to go to where the people are on the internet. As I have written about many times, there are far too many groups of people online that move from group to group, platform to platform, using applications after applications to track for blogs that are on their interest. Staying in one place and talking about one thing will take a person a long time to gathering the people who are interested in what you are talking about. Especially if it is a niche market like Business Golf.

So if you have the time or even if you do not, take some time and consider setting up several shops and talk on a number of subjects. Then funnel all of that effort to the one site that is your reason for being on the internet.

This should answer the questions people have on why I blog on so many sites…or maybe not. Either way, if nothing else it explains why I do what I do.

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Golf: Offline? or Online?

As I have mentioned and will be writing more about in my next book, the millions of golfers that internet marketers are saying are online just are not online.

Why? Well to answer that questions you need to know the number one reason a golfer is a golfer and that is to play golf. Yes, play golf is what a golfer wants to do, not read about it or talk about it.

So if this is the case, who are all those people who are joining all of these golf groups? I think this questions could be broadened to include who are these people joining any online group?

From my one year investigation and interviews of hundreds of golfer, both online and offline, what I found is that over 60% of the profiles placed on golf group sites are done so by people who just stopped by for a view and never come back again. Now, are these people golfers? On the most part, No, these people who stop by are not golfers.

Then you have the marketers, which represent about 20% of the members of a golf site, who fill out profiles in hopes a real golfer will want to be their friend so they can spam the crap out of them.

Then on the other hand there are a large number of people who join golf groups who are active members but are not golfers. They pretend to be golfers for a large number of reasons that are not golf related.

So where are the golfers? Golfers are where you would think they would be, on the golf course, in the golf stores or at the country club’s 19th Hole. Anywhere golf is played is where you are going to find golfers.

So, why am I and others online talking golf? Well I am talking business golf which crosses over into the field of business which there are several million business people online. So I am here marketing to them how golf can be a business tool and the fact that they should be out on the golf course playing golf if they want to tap into a $6 billion dollar market. Not here pumping up SEO directories or whatever other internet marketing schemes they have cooked up to build their business.

What can be done to get more golfers online? Well, since my business is to find solutions to problems in the business world that is what I am working on right now. So you will just have to stay tuned to find out what offline golfers have told me would get them online.

More can be learned on this and other related subjects at the IBGS Blog site.


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Golf: Why Live Without It!

To an avid golfer it is really hard to think about going without golf. Of course there are a few who quit golf from time to time and some do quit forever. However, very few people who take that first step towards learning to hit a golf ball will let golf get away from them for long.

OH, there are times in everyone’s life where golf may have to be put on the back shelf. Like when it comes time to raising kids and the time it takes to hauling them to all of their activities, but those times will eventually go away. Then it is time to go back to playing golf once things get under control.

So, how would someone go about keeping golf in their life when their just does not seem to be time enough in the day?

I have talked to a few people who feel golf is worth the effort and have moved their scheduled to include golf in their workday. This is not just for executives or managers of a company. Golf can be added to a “Cubical Rat’s” scheduled as well. With a little doing golf can be added to everyone who wants to play golf schedule.

In the case where an hourly worker is hooked on golf there are after work golf leagues and associations that they can join that offers organized golf once or twice a month.

Then there are the charity golf tournaments that if worked correctly could provide employees with an opportunity to represent their company at these events.

There are ways of going about showing the value of golf to a business owner.

Just do not go without golf because you think you do not have the time.

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