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So, Are You Wondering Where I Have Been?

Thought I would stop by and let all of my Business Golf fans know that my new site for my IBGS site launched a few minutes ago.   Come on over and check it out.



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LG Skins: Ames Sneaks Another One In

Well, the 25th Skins Game finished with Stephen Ames doing what he did last year and dodging several bullets to make a $650k putt. BUT, that is the Skins game and since Indian Wells signed up for at least three more years of the Skins Game we can only hope that Fred will be back to take a walk with Stephen around the 18 Hole ATM.

Now it comes down to who you would like to see play Fred and Stephen next year. For me I would like to see Woody Austin with either Chris DeMarco or Jerry Kelly grind it. It is the hard core money players who are needed to bring the zest back into the game.

I would like to see Phil Mickelson get serious and bring the fun back into his game so he could take Fred’s place one day, but right now, I do not see anyone who can play the Skins like Mr Couples….not even Tiger.

OH, well, guess we will have to just wait to see who it will be who plays next year’s LG Skins Game.

For more on golf, business and business golf check out the <font size = “6”New IBGS site coming soon.

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Business Golf: Where is Waldo?

Can you guess where this golf course is?


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The 2007 Skins Game: ESPN Steps Allover Itself

When it comes to REAL golf the LG’s Skin’s Game provides the most drama and for ardent golfers this two day made for TV event is the Golf Event millions wait all year to watch.

However, it clear that ESPN’s sponsors for the hours of football that is on their networks each weekend feel they are losing viewers to the Skins Game. There attempt to gather viewers during the Skins Game may have back-fired on them.

Asking Fred Couples what he thinks about this year’s line-up of college football playoff teams was a slap to Fred’s golf feats and a rib punch to all the golf fans who could care less about the football games being aired on other channels. Mr Couple’s half-hearted response was probably not what ESPN was expected and Judy Rankin’s jab at network’s efforts to appease the wrong fan base was applauded when she remarked if Fred would comment on the ladies field hockey championship being held in Indian Wells this weekend.

fred-couples-skins.jpgIt was clear Fred was not comfortable talking football while he was playing golf. All Fred Couples’ fans know that Fred likes to talk football. So does Phil Mickelson and other professional golfers. There is nothing wrong with a professional golfer wanting to talk about something else beside golf, but for a football announcer to break in on a golf event in progress to talk to Fred about what he thinks about these seasons line up for the college football playoffs while he is getting ready to hit a golf ball for $50k…well, Fred said it best…

“I am surprised with you asking for my reaction.”

I don’t think you would see Andy North, golf commentator for ABC Sports, break into the Rose Bowl Game to ask the USC quarterback standing on the sidelines what he thinks about the FedEx Cup standings in golf…would you?

Come on ESPN, when are you going to realize that it is not all about Football? And come on sponsors of football programs, don’t you have enough viewers for your products during the football game?

It seems ESPN is falling for the same marketing hype that is pumped out about the mega online social networking groups having 100’s of millions of members by believing more unproven marketing statistics they are provided telling them there are billions of football fans who would view a sponsors products. Maybe so, but most football fans wanting those products are not watching a golf event.

The fans of these two totally different sports are definitely from two different gene pools and no matter how hard ESPN, and other sports networks, want to keep golf off the air during football season, it isn’t going to work. Talking football during the The Skins game is not going to get golf fans to watch football. These type of blatant efforts to insult golfers intelligence with bring football to golf just is going to force the millions of golfers who watch this event to instead of watching football to just go play golf.

Hopefully the thousands of emails ESPN and ABC are now getting for this snafu this they pulled during The Skins game this afternoon will not happen again, but more than likely it will since the sponsors of the football are demanding from ESPN more viewers for the money they are spending on the football game. Where else is ESPN going to get more viewers? Well, in this case they were thinking they were going to get them from the golf event. That didn’t work out did it?

There is more exciting Skins Game taking place tomorrow with Mr Couples leading with $75k in Skins….tune in and find out what Golf is REALLY all about. And OH, yaw, there will be a Football Game on before, during and after The Skins Game.

For more views on golf, business and business golf, check out the New IBGS site coming soon.

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It Just Depends On How You Look At It!

Over at The Golf Blog site, there is a report on how Jessica Alba placed on Golf Digests Celebrity Golfer list….jessica-alba-golf.jpgof course she placed 81st out of a 100, but as reported, if you take out all of the men on the list she was #2…with Cheryl Ladd, cherylladd.jpga much better choice for this report, would be #1.

Guess I need to come up with my own list…of something. HUMMMM, I’ll get back to ya on this.

For more view points on ALL Things Golf…check out IBGS.

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Mr BG Makes Equipment Change

As a number of my Snitter, Twitter and19thHole fans have been reading, I am starting my winter season re-tooling of my golf game. I know some of you are disappointed in me giving up on my Titleist 905R, but like most golfers, you have to go with what feels best.

Right now, after hours of time in the Demo Booth at the PGA Superstores in Plano, TX, Frisco, TX as well as Scottsdale & Chandler, AZ (yes a ruthless plug) it came down to the Ping G10 over my Titleist 905R.

Now for those who know me well this move over to a Ping driver is earth shaking news. I have been a solid Titleist supporter (even though they refuse to sponsor me during my seminars and workshops) for the past 12 years.

I was a dedicated Ping supporter until I went to golf school in 1993 and my instructor pointed out a multitude of flaws to the Ping irons I was swinging and introduced me to the world of Quality Golf Equipment. He let me swing his Titleist prototype forged blades for about a half of bucket of golf balls. Even though the club was not fitted to my swing I was able to feel how the Titleist irons seem to bring the clubhead down the slot and into the ball with little effort. With the Ping I was having all kinds of problems with knowing where the clubhead was during my swing until it was too late.

Anyway, after taking a very analytical view of the G10 verses the 905R it was the 30 yards of distance that moved me to making the switch.

More importantly, the 905R was causing me to change my swing to get the larger clubhead design to come inside so I could get a square clubface on the backside of the ball. This developed a change in my swing to the negative so now I will have to take the winter to get back to golf school and ‘Boot Camp’ my swing back into shape.

Hopefully, by March or April I will have my Titleist swing back and get my handicap back down to a respectable 10 or lower…

There is nothing more frustrating than taking a mighty cut at the ball and make what feels like a good swing and the ball only goes half the distance it should have gone. If this is happening to you, sign up for a golf school right away…the dedicated time to focus on your swing will be more beneficial than getting a thirty minute lesson and then go back to the office and forget everything you changed in your swing.

I’ll keep you in the loop or at least Snitter any changes to my swing.

To lean more about Business Golf go to IBGS.

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Maybe Not!

FROM ONE OF MY MANY FANS…who originally penned this is UNKNOWN

Arnie, Jack and Tiger find themselves together at the throne of God.

God asks Arnie first: “What do you believe?” Arnie thinks long and
hard, looks God in the eye, and says, “I believe in hard work, and in
staying true to family and friends. I believe in giving. I was lucky,
but I always tried to do right by my fans.” God can’t help but see
the essential goodness of Palmer, and offers him a seat to his left.

Then God turns to Nicklaus and says, “What do you believe?” Jack says
“I believe passion, discipline, courage and honor are the
fundamentals Of life.
I, too, have been lucky, but win or lose, I’ve always tried to be a
true sportsman, both on and off the playing fields.'”

God is greatly moved by Jack’s high-pitched eloquence, and he offers
him a seat to his right.

Finally, God turns to Woods: “And you, Tiger, what do you believe?”
Tiger replies, “I believe you’re in my seat.”

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