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So, Are You Wondering Where I Have Been?

Thought I would stop by and let all of my Business Golf fans know that my new site for my IBGS site launched a few minutes ago.   Come on over and check it out.



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The Business of Blogging

The Business of Blogging and what does it have to do with Business Golf.

Well first of all, every business should be blogging. It does not matter if the company has one employee or…tens of thousands of employees all over the world. Everyone one of them need to blog and play business golf.

Why? Well, blogging puts out in front of people information that comes across 100 times better than a slick commercial.

Yaw, I know, that puts a ton of artsy type people who make nothing but commercial out of a job…well that is where the golf comes in place.

Learning to play business golf and blogging would provide these individuals an opportunity to express themselves while marketing for their marketing companies.

There will always be a need for honest marketing and blogging is honest marketing. Try both, playing golf and blogging…it covers both the offline networking as well as he online networking. A win-win for everyone.

Make your business of blogging for you business.

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Mr BG Makes Equipment Change

As a number of my Snitter, Twitter and19thHole fans have been reading, I am starting my winter season re-tooling of my golf game. I know some of you are disappointed in me giving up on my Titleist 905R, but like most golfers, you have to go with what feels best.

Right now, after hours of time in the Demo Booth at the PGA Superstores in Plano, TX, Frisco, TX as well as Scottsdale & Chandler, AZ (yes a ruthless plug) it came down to the Ping G10 over my Titleist 905R.

Now for those who know me well this move over to a Ping driver is earth shaking news. I have been a solid Titleist supporter (even though they refuse to sponsor me during my seminars and workshops) for the past 12 years.

I was a dedicated Ping supporter until I went to golf school in 1993 and my instructor pointed out a multitude of flaws to the Ping irons I was swinging and introduced me to the world of Quality Golf Equipment. He let me swing his Titleist prototype forged blades for about a half of bucket of golf balls. Even though the club was not fitted to my swing I was able to feel how the Titleist irons seem to bring the clubhead down the slot and into the ball with little effort. With the Ping I was having all kinds of problems with knowing where the clubhead was during my swing until it was too late.

Anyway, after taking a very analytical view of the G10 verses the 905R it was the 30 yards of distance that moved me to making the switch.

More importantly, the 905R was causing me to change my swing to get the larger clubhead design to come inside so I could get a square clubface on the backside of the ball. This developed a change in my swing to the negative so now I will have to take the winter to get back to golf school and ‘Boot Camp’ my swing back into shape.

Hopefully, by March or April I will have my Titleist swing back and get my handicap back down to a respectable 10 or lower…

There is nothing more frustrating than taking a mighty cut at the ball and make what feels like a good swing and the ball only goes half the distance it should have gone. If this is happening to you, sign up for a golf school right away…the dedicated time to focus on your swing will be more beneficial than getting a thirty minute lesson and then go back to the office and forget everything you changed in your swing.

I’ll keep you in the loop or at least Snitter any changes to my swing.

To lean more about Business Golf go to IBGS.

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Other Interest Things

Every once in awhile I find something outside of the Business Golf arena that you may be interested in.  Professional Blogging has aleays interested me so I thought it may interest you.

If you are blogging, have an interest in the world of finances and want to make some cash for your well crafted wording then you may consider checking out my buddy, Rex Dixon’s Technically Speaking blog.

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Winter Golf: Best Time to Re-tool

How many times have you said after you make an awful golf shot that you need to get your swing corrected? I am sure it is more than once you have asked that question or a fellow golfing partner has asked it of you.

So why don’t you do something about that golf swing? It is not that hard. Usually a Professional Golf Instructor can see in a few swings what it is you are doing that needs to be corrected. Plus, if they are from the PGA or LPGA they have been trained to will show you several drills on how to correct your swing.

One of the things I tell clients who are struggling with their game, and use that as their excuse on why they don’t play business golf, is to go to a golf school. In the business golf scheme of things, hosting a golf school for all of your golfing clients to enjoy would really put you on a lot of people’s Holiday Party list.

If your still want to go it on your own, then I suggest you go to a golf school that is at least three days and no more than four days long. If you want to make your time spent even more effective then I highly recommend that you enter a golf school that is out of town.

Out of town golf schools get you away from the office and into a state of mind of focusing your thoughts on the golf you are learning. In-town golf schools and golf lessons make it too easy for you to leave the office for a 30 minute lesson and forget what you learning on the cellphone call you make on your way back to the office after the lesson.

Fixing that bad golf swing is important to your mental health. The more you enjoy playing golf the more relaxed you are going to be which moves right into the office where being relaxed leads to healthier business decisions.

To learn more about this and other issues visit the IBGS Blog site.

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