IBGS: Getting a New Look!

If you have been out and around then you have seen that I am in the mist of overhauling my IBGS site. Needless to say, it is well over due. I am not sure what it is going to exactly look like, but I know it will be different.

For this project I am taking an international approach. My friend and leading international internet marketer,paul.jpg Paul OFlaherty will be serving as General Contractor for this project. He will be keeping an eye on producing something that answers my perpetual questions…Is This Really ALL Worth It?

Seems Paul is asking himself that questions a few hundred times a day and since our series of podcasts on all of the problems we have found on the internet feels that this project will give him a chance to develop something that will visually help with providing viewers a look at all of the stuff I offer people professionally as well as personally.

I get excited thinking about this new change and even more excited to ending the year with something new and positive to build on for the New Year. As far as GOLF and BUSINESS…yes, I will be writing plenty on the two and the two together…plus, my new book and some other new publications are still in the works for next year.

Taking a glimpse at the New Year, I see several things cooking that hopefully make this project Paul and I have been working on something we can sit back and say Is This Really All Worth It?

Look for an announcement soon of the launch of the new IBGS site.


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