The Business of Blogging

The Business of Blogging and what does it have to do with Business Golf.

Well first of all, every business should be blogging. It does not matter if the company has one employee or…tens of thousands of employees all over the world. Everyone one of them need to blog and play business golf.

Why? Well, blogging puts out in front of people information that comes across 100 times better than a slick commercial.

Yaw, I know, that puts a ton of artsy type people who make nothing but commercial out of a job…well that is where the golf comes in place.

Learning to play business golf and blogging would provide these individuals an opportunity to express themselves while marketing for their marketing companies.

There will always be a need for honest marketing and blogging is honest marketing. Try both, playing golf and blogging…it covers both the offline networking as well as he online networking. A win-win for everyone.

Make your business of blogging for you business.


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