Will the Real Mr Business Golf Stand Up!

OK, let’s see,is there a Mr Business Golf in India?  I don’t think so!

If you are not aware of it there are a lot of, what I call, Slogs out there causing people to look bad and on my part bring up questions on who is the Real Mr Business Golf.

These Slogs are sites that copy other people’s blogs and edit them so it makes it look like they wrote the blog.  I know that the Pirating of blogs has been going on for sometime and most all of those sites are based offshore so our legal system can’t get to them.

Why are these sites pirating the blogs?  For the almighty Hit Traffic…that is my guess.  I am sure there are lots of other opinions on this and I will be talking to my good friend and my eyes looking into the blogsphere from abroad, Paul OFlaherty.

So, If this is not the Business Golf: The Real Deal Blog site you are reading this own, it is not one of the official Blog sites of Mr Business Golf.  If it is…then welcome to the world of Reality and of the real place to find out all about Business Golf.


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