Golf: Take Care in the Sun

I am going to be heading out for my annual Scottsdale Golf outing soon and one thing I always prepare for is the SUN.   Years ago I really took for granted the suns effects on my skin and ran around like a fool with hardly any sun screen on.  Today it is a HUGE concern.  It doesn’t take 15 minutes in the sun before you are burned.  In the desert, you can amp the effects up and in five minutes you could look like something that comes with fries at the Sonic.

I am packing in the sun screen now.  Testing out what is new on the market.  I hate to feel like I just put a layer of lard on…I like the stuff that soaks in. 

Callaway use to make some great stuff that felt like a powder and kept your hands from getting greasy, which keeps your grips from getting greasy. 

I guess I will have to saddle the Nordstrums Card to go see if I can find some of the Callaway stuff.

Another thing I do is put on a base of the 100,000 IU Vitamin E Cream before I put on the sun screen.  The Vitamin E keeps my skin hydrated while I am out in the blazing sun and soaks in so I am not greasy feeling. 

It is smart to think ahead on what you are going to need for the sun.  There are some other products I will review as I test them out here in Texas before I leave to go to Scottsdale.



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