Charity Golf Tournaments: Where Some Go Wrong

In my travels around the country I get asked frequently about my charity Pro-AM golf tournament, Screen Door Open Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament and how the SDO became associated with the PGA. I am quiet proud of that accomplishment and I take it rather seriously since the PGA does not just hand out the honor of an event being officially sanctioned to just any golf tournament… plus they came to me asking and not me asking them.

pro-am-logo.jpgThere are a number of reasons I have been told why they PGA of America North Texas Section sanctioned the SDO charity golf tournament as an event they encourage their members to participate in. The main reason I have been told is I never lose sight of the Golf.

The other reasons they choice the SDO ranged from the quality, timing and effective communications plus The SDO mirrors how a PGA event is organized.

I have played in a large number of charity golf tournaments in the past 15 years. On the most part 99% of the charity organizations have lose complete sight of the golf and focus completely on the amount of money they can make off golfers. This has caused a huge backlash amongst towards charity golf tournaments by charity golfer community. These upset golfers now ask about the format of golf they will be playing before they ask about the charity.

True, charity golfers are a giving bunch, but being thrown onto a course with 150 other players for six or seven hundred dollars a person to play a 8 hour round of golf is asking too much from the charity golfers. Plus taking away of any chance to test their golf skills or even have a remote chance of winning is leaving a lot of golfers with a bad taste in their mouth towards charity golf events.

Even if the golfer has nothing else to do for the rest of his/her day, golf was not made to take more than five hours to play.

I have previously written on the affects poorly run golf tournaments have on charity golf.

Charity Golf Sponsors: Learn Before Asking for Money

What causes the problem is the charity or event planners wanting to maximize the funds raised by putting as many paying people on the golf course as they can. Notice I said PEOPLE, since a large number of the players are non-golfers or only play golf in this one event each year. What takes place…. well, I can safely say that the combination of too many players on the course and a large number of players who are not able to hit the golf ball effectively makes for a long day.

Now the charity golfers are turning away from playing in any charity golf tournament in fear of getting stuck in playing in another fiasco. Some of these very upset golfers feel there is something that needs to be done with poorly run or under organized golf tournaments. These concerned golfers funnel their frustrations to the PGA, who has nothing to do with any of the events that are causing the tremendous problems in golf.

Here is where my event caught the attention of the PGA. The SDO is organized with the golfer in mind first and the amount of funds raised secondary. Plus the charity chosen is golf related and impacts the future of the game of golf which serves clear purpose for those who play golf and for those who want to learn golf. It makes sense to golfers to be playing in a golf tournament to raise funds for golf related charity than playing in a golf tournament to raise funds for a bowling league or a walk-a-thon.

There are many more facets the SDO offers golfers, business people and sponsors that only getting involved with as a volunteer, sponsor or player you will ever understand.

The PGA came to me because the SDO set an example of how a charity golf tournament should be run. It is the SDO’s mission to think quality before quantity and to never lose sight of the golf. That is why the SDO is Not Just Another Charity Golf Tournament™

sdo-inc-jpg-50.gifScreen Door Open Charity Golf, Inc. a 501c3 tax exempted non-profit organization whose mission is to raise funds for junior golf programs. For more information on becoming a sponsor, a volunteer or to receive an official invitation to enter a team into the Screen Door Open Charity Pro-AM Golf Tournament email More details are at

Mr Duke is available for consulting on charity golf tournaments. For more details, Contact him at


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