LPGA: HSBC Match Play Produces Smiles

I love the Match Play format.  Unfortunately, TV and sponsors hate the format because it is unpredictable.  That makes it a tough sell for the LPGA or PGA to get more Match Play events on TV so the public can see there is more to golf than Tiger or Lorena winning by 12 strokes.

hsbc.gifThis weekend’s LPGA HSBC was played in the shadow of The Open Championship, but for those of us who are dedicated to watching everything in golf the LPGA match play finals produced a great alternative to watching Sergio’s crash and burn.

What I like about Match play is each hole is played like a separate game.  Then, what I like to watch with the LPGA Match Play is the competition.  These ladies go at it graciously but very methodical.

seon.jpgThis year’s battle between Korea and Japan produced a show of how to dismantle a golf course…and what a match… Seon Hwa Lee no stranger to the LPGA went 17 holes to win against Japan’s superstar,  Ai Miyazato  ai.jpg

Of course, the part I like is the post event interviews of Ai and Seon.  I applaud these ladies’ learning to speak English and appreciate how nervous they are during these interviews.  I am afraid I could not attempt to speak Korean or Japanese anywhere to their level of English.  Plus, the big smiles they have to show they are enjoying the opportunity is very refreshing.  Their efforts to speak to us in our native tongue showed respect and that they truly want to fit in the LPGA here in America.  As far as respect from the golfing world, in this event, if you can take down the world’s best women golfers, you have earned respect.

Keep those smiles ladies…we are loving it.


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2 responses to “LPGA: HSBC Match Play Produces Smiles

  1. I too love match play. Every hole has so much more excitement than stroke play.

    I wish they would re-broadcast it as it was really lost in all the hubbub around The Open.

    The new young ladies coming up from all over the world are so impressive. I can’t wait for the Solheim Cup!


  2. wamoshiii

    I grew up half way between Pinehurst and Myrtle Beach and when I was 12 or so they used to play the World Match Play Championship (a men’s event) in Soutern Pine. I disticntly remember watching a match between Arnie and Australian Bruce Crampton when Crampton beat Palmer handily. I never liked Crampton after that, plus he had a very dour manner that was the antithesis of Arnie.

    But, I agree, match play is exciting and calls for a different set of skills to be put to use.

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