British Open is True to Form

I got up early this morning to watch The Open and it did not let me down on the quality of play the players were demonstrating.  It also is entertaining to see the crowds who seem to sometimes have had a few too many tips of the flask.   It is sad but then was funny to watch Monty back off a putt two times while one of the fans sang the Scotland National anthem.  Or at least that was what they though he was signing….it seem to me that the guy must of though he was sitting in the pub after a football match.

Tiger was off today…who knows what the frig that was all about.  Sergio streaking into the clubhouse with the lead with the entire pack chasing him…at least for awhile…there are some very hot golf being played on over there.

It is pretty refreshing to see the guys in their rain suites and walking down the fairway wearing their winter gloves…all while I am here in 99 degree weather with humidity around 55%…

Now I am going to have to take an emergency nap to make to the range this evening to get ready for my match in the morning…OH, it is hell being a golfer…yaw right….I love it.

Speaking of Table of Content…the Table of content is now available at IBGS…check it out.


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