Sri Pak Smiles, Lefty Chokes & Golf Chick is confused

All in all this weekend was an interesting golf viewing event. 

Even though my TiVo decided that the LPGA Jamie Farr Classic was not worthy of recording, even after being programmed to, I was glad to see Sri come walking down the se-ri-pak.jpgfairway Sunday with her trademark smile.  It makes me feel good when someone is having fun at what they do…OH, she was focused with the Sri Steel Stare and the Lioness Stalk of reading her putts, but as soon as that was done, it was smile and have fun.  Sri has the Fred Couples attitude towards winning and losing that is showing up in her golf…congratulation Sri for one hell of a performance and your record breaking fifth Jamie Farr title.

Now over in Scotland in the Scottish Open Lefty thought he had it in the bag but then maybe the jet lag kicked in or he was having Waffle House withdrawal pains on the playoff hole.  Iphil-in-scotland.jpg am not sure that was a classic meltdown, but something went wrong on that final hole that makes it look like Phil could still be having equipment failure.

golf-chick-logo.jpgThen back here The Golf Chick brings to all of our attention a few things that illustrate the need to make the description of a profession gender based.  Learn her point of view on what the difference is inmale-nurse.jpg a Male Nurse and a Nurse…hummm.  I see her point.

Let me know how I can help. 


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