Texas Golf: Just a Tadd Soggy

Unless you have been under a rock or just plan down under in Australia and not anywhere close to seeing the recent weather for the Midwest United States, then you know it is wet here.

Here in Texas we have received more rain in one month than what we get all year and the bad news is we are going to get more.  So since I can’t get out and play golf I thought I would get after writing about golf.

And about all I can write about is,….well, it is wet. 

The basic gear for a round of golf right now would be a bag of golf balls , a towel and a trotline because that is about all you are able to do when the ground is so soft that the ball is sucked up in the ground.

Slow Play is now put out of its misery by there now being No Play….

But, I am not whining about it because I have been around long enough to know that August in Texas is when we sit around wishing for the weather we are having right now.

So, there you have it..the report on Texas Golf…just a Tadd bit soggy.


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