Cristie Kerr- WIN’s Women’s US Open!

kerr.jpgI was interesting sitting in the bar of my club watching the Buick Open on one TV screen at one end and the Women’s US Open at the other end of the room.

When Jason Gore taped in a three foot birdie to take a two stroke lead if the Buick Open the room gravitated to that end of the room with cheers..

As Lorena Ochoa choked on a putt to bogy the aaaah’s drew everyone to the other end of the room.

Then when Woody Austin rained a 40 ft eagle put to get one stroke from the lead, the room went back to the Buick. 

Then about that time the network broadcasting the Buick felt impelled to interrupt broad casting a tornado warning and showing one tracking across the country side for over thirty minutes.

While the network that was showing the Women put a little radar picture in the lower left screen and kept broadcasting golf.

It wa at the time Cristie Kerr dropped a huge putt to take the lead and the crowd in the bar left the tornado tracking to run back over to the other side of the room all cheering on Cristie.

It was the Cristie and Lorena show all the way to the tearful end of Cristie tapping in birdie to win her very first Major golf tournament.

A very fitting display of outstanding golf played by a very classy lady.

Congratulation Cristie…well done.


Of course, after the tornado tracking report we found out that Brian Bateman won the Buick…his first PGA win…how he did it?  He must have been that tornado cutting across central least that was all we got to see of how he won it… Great job done Brian…however you did it.


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