US Open: Tough to Watch

angel-cabrera.jpgThere was a lot of things in this year’s US Open that made it hard to watch. Most people would say it was a heart break to watch Aaron Baddeley shooting a triple bogey on the first hole and watching Jim Furyk meltdown on the 17th hole. But the really hard thing was to watch Tiger…really it was hurting my eyes.

There is going to be enough written on the Tiger show yesterday at the US Open. My good friend Scott Walker over at hit one square with the point he has made numerous times about Tiger not being able to come from behind during the majors.

There were many, many other people blogging about what the problems were with the course, the rough being too tough the greens too fast, the beer too hot. OK, I threw the beer being too hot because by the time Tiger off of the course most of the gallery had plenty.

tiger-us-open.jpgAll of these things were hard to take, but I say the big reason Tiger could not catch Angel was the shirt he chose to wear for the final round. Tiger knew he was going to have to perform a trapeze act to get past Baddeley but he did not have to dress the part.

Did Buick and Nike get together to decide that to pay for the ‘Baby Woods’ commercial they would have run Tiger through the local Buick dealer’s body shop and have the latest hood design of the Buick LaCrosse sprayed on him.

I really don’t think Tiger was chocking on the back nine, it was the shirt cutting off his circulation.

I know that Nike is now going to flood that market with these shirts and I would not be surprised that they do not come in regular small, medium, large sizes but rather in an assortment of PSI ratings.

It is good the fashion industry has got behind a move to put more color into golf, but when players start looking like Spiderman and the Green Lantern it starts to get in the way of watching the game of golf they are playing.

tiger-cabrera.jpgCongratulations to Angel Cabrera for winning the US Open and looking comfortable do it. Angel was dress for a Happy Hour and I am sure he has spent quit a few hours partying.


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  1. Ha ha… we are starting to sound too much alike!

    I said exactly the same thing about his shirt. I made a comment that he must be taking lessons from Sergio who tends to show off his physique a tad too much for the young ladies. But come on Tiger…you’re a daddy now – no more chasing chix (unless they carry stix :))

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