Golf Questions: Are there any new ones?

mr-business-golf-straight-up-small.jpgI am no different than the 40 million other people who play golf.  I have the same swing problems and experience the same satisfaction of hitting a solid shot as all golfers eventually experience.

The difference I have from most golfers has to do with the questions I ask other golfers.  I am not saying I am the only one that asks questions, it the questions I ask that make me different.

Golf Glove: On or Off?

Why do most of the tour professionals put on and take off their golf glove after every shot?  I have not had the privilege to ask any of them in person, but have read some stories others written on what they found out.  The reasoning ranges for player who was told as a junior that he was only getting one golf glove for the season and it had to make it through the entire summer.  Then there was the seemingly real reason provided by one player of having nervous energy and putting on and off the glove keeps his mind occupied.  Of course John Daly and few others never take it off since they are more into time management and want to enjoy their time leaning on a golf club instead of worrying about taking off and putting on a golf club.  I hear JD keeps it on to keep his beer from getting hot…but that is totally unsubstantiated story.

Right Hand: How Much Is OK?

Then I have the questions of how much right hand (for a right handed golfer) is part of the golf swing?  I had one teaching professional tell me stuff like a picture of Fred Couples at the 1992 Masters where his right hand was completely off the grip at impact when he blasted a 312 drive around amen corner.  Other say that me asking that questions is like Lee Trevino telling his competitors that he was working on his game and was trying to concentrate on if he needed to exhale or inhale at impact of the ball.  This would get his opponent so concentrating on that they would not be able to hit the ball.  So, yes, the Right hand questions is a tricky one, but on the most part the teaching pros will say for a right hander that the Right hand plays about 40% of the swing through the impact area.

So you see, playing golf produces a lot of questions.  If you have one ask it, it will get an answer.  Whether it is a correct one or not depends on the question you ask.


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