Phil Mickleson or Phil Michelson

phil-mickelson-pb.jpgOK, my eyes are getting blurry with all the blogs and newspaper articles about Lefty Mickelson. The Golf Channel is making me nauseated with its ranting to fill the air with Phil Michelson. And that is another thing….can someone send out a Press Release that tells journalist the correct spelling of Phil’s last name.

Looks as thought the so called official sites have it spelled ‘Mickelson’, but some of the PRESS sites have it ‘Michelson’. I guess most people are leaning to the official side of things to error to the majority as Phil’s last name being Mickelson. So, be it…Lefty is now known in the Blogsphere as Phil Mickelson.

None the less, with Phil’s wrist injury now being the number one story everywhere I think I have the keywords the search engines are searching for covered.

I truly, truly, truly hope Phil will take the season off and get it together. Maybe head out to Grayhawk where nobody knows he goes to practice. Ride around with Butch to talk about firing Dave Pelz. I think the best thing that has very happened to Lefty is bringing in the Czar of Power, Butch Harmon. Mr Pelz has a good golf school, but really is out classed showing PGA professionals anything…. OH, well…

I think Phil taking a break, kicking back in the Heat of Scottsdale will loosen up the wrist, melt off a few pounds, get him away from Callaway for while…maybe a few 12 oz curls in Phil’s Grill while being entertained by Gary McCord will get his head back on straight.

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Phil. OH, like the millions of fans he has I have walked along with him outside the ropes at the Nelson Classic dragging by jaw around after watching the shots he can make from waving his magic wand (back then he was with Titleist where he was performing magic with those clubs). Maybe one day while I am out traveling the country giving my seminars I will run into him and we can run down to the Waffle House together and talk golf or business or both.

BUT, until then, I’ll just keep watching and keeping an eye on the every changing world of the Mickelson Traveling Magic Show.


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