Club Corp Sale to KSL: Why Do Things Happen!?

Everything has a reason for happening.  And the same goes for having a reason for buying a business.  Sometimes the reasons are explained and sometimes they are not.  Eventually the reason is found out and eventually a reaction is made to what was found out.  Every time a business decides to not tell stakeholders why they are doing something cause the stakeholder to react negatively every time.  Trust is built  from effective communications and trust is destroyed by the lack of communication.

I think I have got my point across, but no plan has been laid out to what exactly will be happening to the properties CCA sold to KSL.

Why am I concerned?  Well there are two issues I think the new owners of CCA have lost sight of and should have been already communicated.  The world of business golf is housed at Country Clubs and Resorts and negative change to that environment will negatively affect golf.  If golf is affected negatively then the livelihood of thousands and the game millions love to play for business and for pleasure is at jeopardy of going away for ever. 

Secondly, many, many people have their life’s savings invested in their homes that are located along the fairways of the golf courses now owned by KSL.  If those investments are negatively affected by shoddily managed golf facilities and the golf courses are not maintained to an impeccable level then those property owners stand to lose most of what they worked their entire life to secure.

It would seem a company who has any kind of respect for the communities their acquisition affected or whose ownership would some common scene towards what is right would reach out to the people who are holding the value of their business up and let them know before anyone else in the world what they are going to do to keep their trust. 

Trust, that word keeps coming up when you talk about anything that touches golf or people who play golf.  I am starting to wonder if any of the principles of the new ownership of CCA really understand the importance of trust or how golf can build the trust.  They may want to consider golf since there is a need to repair the issues of disrespect they keep dishing out each day that goes by and they do not communicate with the main body of their club’s membership what the plan is for the membership.

I hear changes are coming and a few selected people have been told the details on the plan, but hearing from a third party is not hearing what will happen from the people who would be held responsible if what is planned to take place does not happen.

It is encouraging to hear good news, but is it good news or just a message sent out to soften the blow of bad news?  Who knows?


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3 responses to “Club Corp Sale to KSL: Why Do Things Happen!?

  1. badbusinesses

    Hi, wanted to let you know that I understand your frustration with ClubCorp. Lakeway, TX residents tried for months to get this company to clean up pond waste.

    Most members are so unhappy with their membership that if given any other option–they’d choose any other club other than ClubCorp. Unfortunately, in Lakeway, there are not alot of choices, but I’d say to anyone considering membership at a ClubCorp facility, (are there any other country clubs in your area?)

  2. Bad ,

    Thanks for the comment. I hate to hear that one of my favor Playgrounds, Lakeway, TX, where the Hills Country Club the Host of the PGA Champion’s Tour Kinko Classic is held, is also falling victim of the now world famous bad management Club Corp.

    Fortunately, here in Dallas there are other choices, but for the residences who have huge investments in the homes along the courses of all of the clubs CCA manages and KSL owns, there are no choices. So this group of CCA members being held hostage because of living on a CCA managed course share in frustration you and the thousands of residence of Lakeway, TX , are experiencing.

    If it is of any comfort, we are not alone. There is a huge level of frustration amongst a seemingly large number of members of other very prominent CCA managed Country Clubs across the country who are telling me the same thing when I visit their facilities.

    Keep in touch and let’s share the pain together.

    Let me know how I can help.

  3. millhome

    Club Corp/KSL isn’t helping their reputation in Pennsylvania where they just announced they have backed out of owning and operating the new Niclaus Designed Applecross Country Club outside of Philadelphia. I bought a home on the course, which is scheduled to open in 2010, based upon their sales pitch. I understand that the economy is in bad shape, particularly the real estate market, but these companies must not understand both the short term and long term consequences such a decision has upon their reputation. What will future homeowners or developers believe the next time Club Corp trys to sell their services? Will they cut and run at every economic slowdown? Their decision here at Applecross not only effects all the intitial homeowners who relied on their word to make an enormous financial investment, but surely effects their standing in the industry.

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