If it is Sunday, then it must be Hackeritis Time…

Yes, I never saw so many people, men and women, who have lost track of golf fashion as I did this afternoon. 

There was a golf tournament being held on the small course of our club…no problem.   That happens when your country club is bought by an investment firm that only wants to make money at all costs, including pissing off the dues paying membership. 

The players in this event all had very inappropriate attire for any golf course, much less a private country club.  There was the seen frequently obligatory XXXXL Hockey Jersey being worn with the shirt tail out that hung to the players’ knees.   There was the string Halter tops from the over and under endowed women.   Plus there was the electric carts driven right up to the edge of the green and in places a tractor could not go.  AND, the divots a foot long on the tee boxes of every hole…along with beer cans, cups, lunch boxes and broken clubs all along the way.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen it was Hackeritis all over again. 

The explanation given by the Golf Director was, “The new owners cut my budget $70k, I don’t have the manpower to enforce the club’s rules, and the group was willing to pay extra for the green fees to hold their charity event but struggled to fill the event so they brought in anyone who could pay the entry fee.”

So there ya go…it could be happening at your club next…Hackeritis.  It is very, very contagious.


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