Golf Fashion Police: Where Are you?

mr-business-golf-straight-up-small.jpgStop me now, I am on a Roll…I picked on Phil and his brown shoes and his brown belt with navy blue. I hear that the PGA’s standard or rule of thumb is Two Colors at max….OK, I am with ya, but now explain this one….camillo.jpg

Camilo Villegas, I like the guy’s play and his golf clubs…he has that going all in the right directions…but as far as fashion, Phil is a fashion genius compared to Camilo…talk to me about Camilo, where is this look going?



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3 responses to “Golf Fashion Police: Where Are you?

  1. My boyfriend always wears his brown spikes with every single outfit on the course. I just turn my cheek as I adore him, mismatched and all. It’s odd because he considers himself savvy about those things. But the one that kills me is my good buddy (and CFO of our firm) he wears these camouflage long shorts with cargo pockets and a Beavers pull over. He is a native Oregonean so I’ll let him slide a little, but it is so bizzare! I’m out there in my head to toe coordinating gear (I have 11 pair of golf shoes alone!) and he looks like I picked him up on the side of the road on the way out there. (He has all the money though so I just smile and wear dark glasses.) I can’t believe the Country Clubs and resorts we play don’t say anything. But I actually got reprimanded by my pro for wearing a (very nice) t-shirt on the driving range. I reminded him that ladies can wear collarless if there is any type of sleeve (at my home course) and he shut up. I wish they’d handicap for style – then these guys would pony up for some “lessons”.


  2. You must play the same country club I do…I see those guys out at the course all the time. Believe me , the people who see them are talked about them and it could affect a business deal one day.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. It is quite amazing what both amateurs and professionals wear on the course. Sergio loves to show off his muscles and Ian loves to be pretty in pink. I think both are funny and entertaining.

    Phil…he’s better now that he’s lost weight and wearing shirts with shorter sleeves. Tiger…stop with the stripes – go back to solids – they look marverlous darling…

    As for Camilo – he can wear anything he likes as far as I’m concerned 🙂


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