Business Golf: Golf Games to Play

mr-business-golf-straight-up-small.jpgHere is another question I am asked frequently. 

What kind of golf game is best to play with a guest or someone you do not know?

To play it safe, play golf games using an handicap of strokes.

It is perfectly OK to ask your guest if they have a handicap.  If they don’t then determining one is the next thing to do.  Find out what their average score is from a specific distance or length of golf course.  Subtract par for that score and that is close enough handicap for the day. 

If your guest usually shoots an 80 from a 6000 yard course, and your course is 6600 yards and is part 72, then 9 strokes for a handicap would be good for a handicap for your course for the day.

So, if you are a 6 handicap and he/she is a 9 handicap you will need to give your guest a stroke on the three toughest holes on the course.

So now what game to play?  I recommend Skins or Match play…that way if someone is having a bad hole they can pick it up and move on to play another hole.

I personally like Match play since it moves along and it does make for a little bit of even competition with the handicaps.

Stroke play is okay and is what a lot of people play during golf outings.  It can be used during business golf, but sometimes if your guest has not played your course before could result in some really high scores that may cause a mood change in the day if it becomes a real burden on your guest.

Play Match Play with your guest and I think you find the day moves along very nicely.

Plus, match play also will show you things about a golfer that stroke play will not.  Like conceding a hole or a putt…if you let your guest off the hook graciously by conceding a four foot putt for bogy to your real put for bogy, then it takes the pressure off that hole and the game is all square.  Nobody won or lost.  The same could happen to you and you get to see how shrewd a person your guest is.  If they never concede a putt even when it is six inches, you can bet they are hard business dealers also.

So, play match play, the ‘Ol Skins’ game, makes for a better business golf day.  The full rules and an example score card is in my book, How To Play Business Golf.


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