Phil Mickelson: Fashion Hound

Ok, I am not a fashion hound but I hear a lot of people talking about golf fashion. Really, I want to be in style. I generally keep up with the latest stuff the men are wearing on tour…at least the real stuff…I am not into the Sergio Spandex and the other styles the young generation feel needs to be promoted or in the professional ranks, get paid to wear.

Now I have heard Fred Couples talk about how it is not appropriate when wearing shorts to play golf to wear white cut off socks with black golf shoes…black socks should be worn with black shoes…OK, I got that Freddie, I am packing the black socks.

phil-brown-shoes.jpgBut take Phil Mickelson. Since he has gone with Callaway he is getting a little more colorful, and especially this year with Callaway doing all of the wrong things in trying to be all to all with everything in golf, including now golf apparel. How many times has that business model have to fail before people throw the All-in-One businesses in the trash can.

But I digress., back to Phil and fashion. Really I have always been told that Brown Shoes and Belt don’t go with Navy or Black….am I out of style or was the absence of Phil’s wife at the PGA Players Championship why he mixed the two?

Let me know what ya think.


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