Mr Business Golf Took a Day Off


OK, it is Golf Season…Give Me A Friggin Break for going to play golf yesterday.

Seriously, I have to get out and play more golf. Sitting here at this terminal is not getting me anywhere. Playing golf does get me somewhere. AND, it will get you somewhere if you give it a chance.

I hear a lot from the non-golfers on “what a waste of time” golf is, but what a bunch of losers. Since I have been playing golf I have received a ton more business support playing business golf than I have from sitting here.

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be mean with calling you a loser if you don’t play golf. I just wanted to illustrate the attitude people have towards golf because they just do not understand golf.

I get that same way with some of the social networking groups. Their constant jockeying around the internet vomiting unbelievable figures on the zillions of hits they get a day in an effort to get people to come to their site to find out why they want you to think they are so popular really gets on my nerves. That is because I don’t understand the need for living in an imaginary world. See, I don’t understand social networking groups.

So, before I go and mash more sites as a waste of time thinking they drawn in millions of people who want to buy my book, hire me for consulting and what all I am out here offering people who need my experience, I am going to join them to see if I can understand them.

I suggest you may want to try that with golf. A great place to go is my site and sign up for the Business Golf Club.

I talk a lot about golf here and at my other sites, IBGS, Business Golf, Is This Really All worth It? And The Duke Consults. But in the Business Golf Club, you get the private stuff. The inside things about business golf and golf that only a member will be privy to, the reason why golf is really worth you looking into playing.

rex-dixon-9-20061thumbnail.jpgJust like Rex Dixon, a Non-golfer true and true, said after reading my book on How To Play Business Golf, “there is more to golf than a non-golfer realizes”

So there ya have it. Reason 101 for needing to understand golf before bashing golf…and I am talking about you truly going about taking a positive effort towards putting forth some effort to learn golf before condemning it. None of this going to the local driving range and bending a rental club on the concrete mats and saying you gave it a shot.

Nope, like in everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. So here is the deal, if you will not go the miniature putt-putt to learn golf and seriously go about learning golf, I will not hammer these social groups for the perverted pictures people post thinking it is artsy or cute or shocking or whatever they their seemingly demented minds think.

If you want to know how to go about learning more about golf without having to break a sweat…well I can help you with that when you join the Business Golf Club. I wish there was a site that offered me the same for getting to understand these mega social groups before joining them….guess I will have to depend on my online friends for that.

Let me know how I can help.



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2 responses to “Mr Business Golf Took a Day Off

  1. Well now Scot. That’s quite a list of ideas you have there. 🙂

    It may not be the right time for this, but I would like to be the first to invite you down to San Antonio for a round or two at some great golf courses and maybe we can talk about social networks, and golf. They aren’t mutually exclusive you know?

    I happen to know of a great spot (ok, it’s my site) that brings golfers from all over the world together to talk golf, chat and share their thoughts on this crazy game. And even get some business done while they’re at it. After all, my golf course isn’t open 24/7, so what am I to do except blather on about the woes of my game online.

    Consider yourself officially invited to come join us at and see what all the fuss is about. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find some of your “A” List there. Hint, hint. And who knows, you may like it.

    Give me a shout if you get around to joining. We’ll talk business.

    Just look for Jim.

  2. Jim,

    Great to hear from ya. I think I saw your site 19holecom sometime ago…and something tells me that we may have even visited via email or comments before. Sure I’ll check out your site…your site is not the ones I was talking about in the blog. I think you know who they are.

    Anyway, I’ll take you up on that round of golf in San Antonio. I love the golf down there. We can play business golf if you like.

    You can find my contact information at

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