LPGA: Three Playoff Holes and No Network Coverage

mr-business-golf-straight-up-small.jpgThere seems to be something wrong with golf today…OH, I know what it is…where are the ladies?  I am talking the LPGA.  I am not seeing them on network TV.

Yesterday, there was one hell of (Yes, I said Hell of) a LPGA golf tournament and most of the golfing world could not watch because it was on ESPN.   A three hole play off…three 255 yard all carry drives over a bunker…yes three times…can you do that?

If someone was to complain who would you complain to??? 

Yaw, the LPGA could probably do a little better job of marketing the event.  How?  I am not sure.  They are doing a great job of bringing in the best women golfers from around the world and helping the next generation get ready to take the stage with the Futures Tour and other mini tours for women.  The LPGA’s previous commissioner really did a great job.

Maybe going to the television networks to complain that they are not being fair and offering equal coverage.  The fact is they don’t have to be fair when it comes to sports.  They are a business and do what they get paid to do which is cover what sponsors want covered.

So do you go to the sponsors and complain that they are not supporting a sport that is equally important as any other sport they are sponsoring?  What good would that do?  They want to sponsor events that have huge numbers of people who see their products in hopes of selling their products.  Since they see LGPA viewer numbers being far lower than other sporting events they would rather spend their money to go for bigger numbers.

So it is the fans you need to complain to?  If there were more fans at the LPGA events then sponsors would want to pay Television to televise more events so more people could see more of the exciting play that took place yesterday on the LPGA.

But that is where the Catch 22 begins.  Until there is more TV coverage of the LPGA on the public networks there will not be more people watching the events that would generate an interest to want to attend the event live.

So who do you complain to about not getting to see more ladies play golf on TV?”….hmmm.  I’ll let you figure that one out…



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2 responses to “LPGA: Three Playoff Holes and No Network Coverage

  1. tswarts

    I just banged the drum about the opportunities women in golf represent. You earn your “Business Golf” moniker recognizing the potential there. Nice job. Great music too.

  2. theconstructivist18

    I have an idea.

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