How Many Strokes Do You Give Up For Cart Path Only?


I have been looking into the issue with golf courses that hold golf carts of all kinds from being on the course and make them use the cart path only.

What I am talking about are the golfers who ride in the electric/gas carts or use a push cart and they are restricted to the cart paths.

According to my studies more than 63% of the cart paths on a golf course are on the opposite site of the dogleg or where the natural contour of the fairway rolls the ball.  These means a player in a cart will have to walk on average over 100 yards to the ball on 14 of the 18 holes.

Also, you can expect to give up at least 8 strokes as a result of poor club selection from approaching the ball from a line that is perpendicular to the line of the shot made and shot to be made.  Meaning if you are subject to shoot 8 stokes higher than if you were able to drive out to your ball and make a proper club selection.

When carrying your clubs when the electric/gas carts are restricted to the cart path you have an 80% better chance of scoring near your handicap than if you ride in a cart and attempt to make club selection from 100 yards away for the ball.

Just thought you might want to know this information.   This is why you see so many people walking the course when it is cart path only.  No wonder people’s handicaps are so high on courses that are cart path only.

As far as playing Business Golf on a course that is Cart Path Only…forget it…don’t even try it.  It will defeat your purpose.


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