KZPS 92.5: Who You Run Into Online

Scot DukeIt is a good feeling when you run into someone online who is right here in your neighborhood. If you think about it, it is a shame that you have to get online to visit with a neighbor, but that just shows ya how much the world has changed.

The other day, I was Tag Surfing over on WordPress, “The Free Site”, and ran intosemitough-48.jpg SimiTouch who was commenting on a Dallas radio station, 92.5FM KZPS, changing formats from Classic Rock to a mix of Classic Rock and Progressive Country.

Since KZPS is one of the stations I hit when I am driving around the metroplex I thought I would check out what Simi was talking about. While driving around that day I turned the radio on and sure enough, what he was talking about was a breath of fresh air.

Finally Clear Channel Media did not change another station’s format to all “Talk”. As soon as I got back here to the Bagroom Studio I fired off a comment to the blog SimiTouch started.

When I got to his site my normal reaction was to checked out his site…BINGO…this dude is from Dallas. The way I could tell was he mentioned listening to Q102 KZEW radio….only a true blue Dallasite or some alien who has been tapping into the radio waves since 1963, would know about Q102 “The ZOO” FM Radio….SimiTough was no alien so he had to be my kind of dude.

Anyway, I was out yesterday and turned on the radio….BAM!, right there on 92.5 KZPS, nowlone_star_300×250.jpg called Lone Star 92.5, was a familiar voice I had not heard in a LONG time. It was he must be…well, I want tell ya how old he must be.

redbeard.jpgWhen I got back to the studio I cranked up SimiTouch’s blog site to see if he knew Redbeard was back on the air and that is where I saw that Simi was taking heat from some anti-Clear Channel “fried brains” whining about the station changing to Country…what a much of morons. Like Simi has something to dogmafb-inital-green-g-flat-black.jpg with that…Give Me A Friggin Break.

But Simi, (I am just guessing where he got that handle, but I am sure it came from the way he drove over the CC bashers) was holding his own. Naturally being one who wants to support the good I jumped in to see if Simi knew Redbeard was back.

jon-dillon.jpgNot only did Simi know, he told me that Jon Dillon was also back. Now, that took be too friggin far back…back before classic rock was classic and just Rock. When classic rock was an old Elvis tune. Wow, Jon Dillon…the man behind KZEW, Q102, the Icon for the Dallas radio station called “The ZOO”.

Then I read in Simi’s salvo back to the CC commentators that Bo and Jim were going to bebo.jpg in the station’s line up.

Now I knew Bo Roberts and Jim White had been back in Dallas ajim-white.jpgwhile floating from station to station, but for them to go back to Clear Channel after the way they were treated a few years ago was even more shocking…But, putting Bo & Jim back with Redbeard and Jon Dillon was like…no there is no like to it, it is the Old Q102 line up

OK, now all this is good, all things from 1969 are righted now, but I have to say my “two bits” about Clear Channel.

I too am not a supporter of corporate run media and how they control what they want you to hear on Radio.

CC usually does not do anything unless it is to appease a sponsor or a junior exec who is trying to hit the “C Suite” in a year. Yaw, I have been around the block a few times and I know how this particular company works. CC is a business and rightfully so is trying to make a buck…no problem with that…

But, they are known for heavy, heavy “Talk Radio”.

The Reason? Talk Radio is cheap to produce and easy to manipulate the public to thinking that millions of people are listening to the format by staging calls and paying people to call in to talk. So the talk only format Net’s a bigger profit than music formats where you have to pay royalties on music played plus the salaries of a large number of radio personalities to cover the 24 format. It is a smart move for profitability, but an insult to the intelligence of the few people who are in the listening audience.

Clear Channel’s M.O. has been to build a audience from popular music formats that have REAL people listening, just to get their numbers up, and then crash the format by bring in some LA Silver Tongue syndicated Talk Radio Show host to capture those numbers for their larger sponsors….could this be what they are doing to Lone Star 92.5?

Now, Jon Dillon has been around. He has been inside and outside the radio industry for as long as I can remember. I met Jon a LONG time ago. I was impressed with him then and have been real impressed with how he has walked through a dreary industry for many years with a big stick in his hand…which was the people and music artist he has made friends with over the years. Jon is the “Big Jon” of the music industry. I’ll have to tell ya the story how Jon and I met later, but from our meeting I could tell back then that he was a bound and very determined man who walks away quickly from CRAP and will face off with the big dogs over something he knows is wrong when it comes to the way he wants to run a radio station or program.

This leads me to think that Jon has either sold out to CC to build up a retire plan (which I wouldn’t blame him) or things have really changed over at Clear Channel in order to get Jon to settle into this great format that KZPS has just launched. I’ll be watching this one…

…But until then, I am also listening and remembering when cruising down Forest Lane on Saturday night, listening to Redbeard and Jon on Q102 while yelling at the Lake Highland’s chicks in their mom’s BMW, was The Thing to do…

Come on Simi, lets keep Dallas Radio Dallas Radio..what do ya say?


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