Hackeritis: Further More!

mr-business-golf-straight-up-small.jpgLooks like my previous blog on Hackeritis really got things stirred up….for the good that is.  From the emails I am getting from a number of people who did not want to debate the issued in the comment section of the original blog, they are in agreement that Enough-is-Enough with the way a large number of people are treating the game of golf. 

It is bad enough that over 80% of the men golfers you see on public golf course have their shirt tails out if they are wearing a shirt at all.  It seems that Hackeritis has become contagious or infectious.    Now the look is coming to the Country Clubs during the charity golf tournaments that are held on the day the club is closed.

But enough with the wardrobe these guys have, what about the golf.  It is one thing to look bad, but to look bad and play badly is totally the wrong direction in helping the game grow for the next generations.

Now, as far as women golfers, it seems they get the picture and it is clear.  They want to look good while playing golf, good golf or bad golf, they are looking good.  The GolfGirl has thegolf-girl-full-length.jpg women’s golf fashion heading in the right directions.

Not with the men…it seems the worst they look, the worst their golf.  So what is causing it?  I will say it again; the golf courses are running on such a thin profit margin that they need any living body that has the green fee to get on the course.  Their attitude is, “Maybe nobody will see this guy for the next six hours”, and let it go so they can pull in the money.

That is where the mistake is made and now, that golfer will ride the fact that he got away with the same attire and was not told anything…so his buddies say “the heck with that, if he can get away with it, so will we”.  And here we go. 

Hackeritis is like any other infectious disease.  The people who don’t want to be associated with it will run from the game of golf thinking they will get caught up in it and be infected…  that is a pretty hardcore look at it, but that was what one of the emails alluded to is happen at her club…members are leaving because their management will not enforce the dress code

Yes, the debate is still own…I am hearing from both sides.  The hackers think that if they pay anything more than a six back of beer for a green feed they should be able to wear whatever they want to wear.  Some have even furnished copyrighted photos, I will not reproduced to show you, of Tiger Woods playing golf wearing a tank top…my answer to that is, Tiger looked better in that tank top than any of the Neanderthals I am seeing in tank tops in the charity golf tournament parading by my back door.

I am sure the paparazzi who took the Tiger photo took it while he was in his backyard hitting balls, because I have heard Tiger’s personal statement on Hackeritis and he would not tolerate it either…I think he said something like, let’s keep that kind of attire for the infield of a NASCAR race, or something like that…..

So what am I saying…I am saying that a golfer needs to show just as much respect for himself as he should show to others.  This does not mean you need to look like a touring professional or play like one.  This means to shows some self respect and dress to impress and it will make you feel better.  When you feel better you play better.  And when you feel and act better, others like to be around you and will thank you for respecting their space. 

That is what I am saying…lets find a cure for Hackeritis before there is some benefit concert put on to save the world from this infectious disease.   



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