Club Corp-KSL: Who Knows What Is Going On?

I see you Club Corp and KSL people peaking around on my sites…yaw, I also Google so I know how it works.

So what is going on with Club Corp and the effects of sale to KSL?  There has not been anything noticeable done to make any needed improvements as far as the dozen of so CCA clubs I have visited in the last month, other than what was already going on before the sale to KSL was final…smart move on those clubs part.

There are still a lot of rumors going around and things that the current management is putting into place that would make the most stupid of us think that there has to be something going on, but is it good or bad?

From the few improvements being announced, ranging from the very expensive repairs being made to a clubhouse roof instead of bulldozing it and replacing it with a new clubhouse, new roof included; to the unannounced shrinking of the greens on all of the golf  courses but not admitting it, make one think  KSL is fixing up just enough to set up the property to be flipped.  Just like people do when they buy a house, fix it up in 30 days and sell it for a profit before the first mortgage payment is due.

I guess really nothing has changed.  There still has not been a plan provided to the general membership on exactly what is going on so rumors will continue to ruin morale and more than likely run off a number of prominent members who bring in a lot of revenue to the club.   

I guess if you want to know what is going on, all of the above is what is going on…I know more, good and bad, but I’ll save it until next time.


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