Byron Nelson Classic: Business Golf Mecca

Yes, I have my passes to “The Nelson”, Thank You.  It is good to see my clients are gracious enough to remember the consulting I did for them on how to use golf as a business tool and ask me to join them at the area’s biggest Business Golf event, the EDS Byron Nelson Classic.

Plus it is good to see that one of our local PGA Tour favorite, Scott Verplank, also is in the mix to possibly win the event.

“The Nelson” as we locals fondly call it, was set up 30 years ago as a business golf event.  For those of you who don’t know what Business Golf is explaining it here would take too long.  It might be best you check out the “Here’s the Deal!” blog to catch up on how to learn more about Business Golf.

All of the invitations I have received this year are greatly appreciated but I already received an event pass that I chariots.   Each year I receive a pass as a thank you for my support of the Junior Golf Programs of the Northern Texas PGA Junior Golf Foundation.  

My support through my non-profit organization, Screen Door Open Charity Golf, Inc., helps keep a large number of kinds off the streets and getting them involved in something that can make a difference in their life.  Over 30,000 kids to be more exact is how many are touched by the funds raised from the Annual Screen Door Open Charity Pro-AM Golf Tournament, an officially sanctioned Northern Texas PGA Section Pro-AM. 

Each year at “The Nelson” I Business Golf with all of my contacts on getting their help in supporting the Annual SDO Pro-AM.  The SDO is a very rewarding experience and is also another Business Golf event.  As the Tournament Director, I set the event up so the sponsors are able to provide their clients and customers an upscale affair they will never forget.

It is that time again to get the SDO organized, so if you want to receive an invitation to thepro-am-logo.jpg Screen Door Open, contact me so I can get it in the mail.  This year’s SDO will be held this fall.

Now it is time for me to get my sunscreen on and my business cards…I am off to “The Nelson”.


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