Winning a Golf Tournament: Makes ya Feel Good

I took a break yesterday from writing on my next book to play in a member-guest golf tournament at my club.  It was a quaint affair, small by any standard, but none the less a true test of the players’ golf skill.

I invited an old friend I had know for 30 years to be my guest.  We worked at AT&T, then known as Southwestern Bell, then SWBT, then SBC and then AT&T.  We had also been part of creating the SBC Employee Golf Association for the D/FW area.

As we lumbered our way around the golf course during the golf tournament, we had no idea that our less than average play would get us into a scorecard play off for first place.  The best grade you can get from the test provided.

The outcome was a success and we won the event on the first hole of the scorecard play off…kinda makes ya feel good to win a golf tournament.  It doesn’t happen very often so we enjoying the feeling.

I mention in my next book the enjoyment of being a winner of a golf tournament and the importance of knowing how to enjoying not being a winner.  Yesterday’s experience was another confirmation of what I talk about as the frame of mind a golfer should have in competition in a golf event.

Though this was not a Business Golf event, it could have been and the lessons I teach in my books expands upon the importance of knowing how to win and how to lose, both in golf and in business….check them


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