Scramble Golf: The Hit and Giggle

A number of viewers have asked me over the past two years how to play in a Scramble Golf Tournament.  This one is a challenge since there is two ways to looking at playing in a Scramble…relax and play for fun, or get up tight and play to win.   Here is my take on it.

The ol “Hit and Giggle” as I call it can be fun as long as you do not take the golf played in a Scramble very seriously.  It was not designed to be taken seriously.  If it was, they would be calculating handicaps for all of the golfers who just play in scrambles.  They don’t so that should tell those who grin out a Scramble to loosen up, it is just a Scramble.

There are several variations of a scramble.  There is the one I hate hearing because there is no one definition of what it is, but  some people will call their event a Florida Scramble…why, well you pick the definition you want to take on what a friggin Florida Scramble is…to me,

Not to be out done, there is also a Texas Scramble….they are all  “Hit and Giggles” to me.



Unfortunately, too many golfers do not take the opportunity to play more golf or play in other tournaments with different formats so the Scramble is the only format they get to play.   In most cases it is the only time they get to play golf period.  So they sometimes take playing in a four person Scramble very serious.  That is a shame, because there are some other very good golf formats that could be offered in place of a Scramble.

But, the question was how to play in a scramble so that is what I will answer.

I will take it from a point of view that most people want to know how to win in a scramble because how to play in a scramble is pretty simple.  Winning in a scramble is usually near impossible.

In order to know how to play in a Scramble you have to understand the nature of the event.   Most of the time a Scramble is offered more as a social or at a charity golf tournament as a way to get more people to enter…noticed I said people and not golfers.  They are really not set up for a REAL serious golf event.  Thus is why I call them “Hit and Giggles”.   The scramble event is where the golf skill of the majority of golfers is below average, to be kind. 

The main consideration to be able to play in a Scramble is you show up with a bag of golf clubs.   How it is played is just as simple.  Each person on the team of four (usually) hits their shot.  And from there the group determines who had the better shot and they all pick up their ball and go to that spot.  They all hit from there and again determine the best shot.  This continues until the ball is putted into the hole, which then the process starts over until all 18 holes are played.  The score is how many strokes it took the team to get the best ball into the hole.

The Scramble event is great for occasions where it is not known what level of golf skill the participants play.  If the Scramble is for the general public, you can bet that the majority of the teams are filled with below average golf skill.  

Don’t get me wrong, the Scramble is a fun format and what it was set up to do was to bring more people into playing golf, get out of the office, get some exercise, some fresh air.  I am all for it.

There are serious Scrambles and there are social Scrambles. There are Scrambles for every interest…that is why they are so popular.

As far a Business Golf Event, well, with some doing, and with me providing you how to go about it, you can make a Scramble a great Business Golf outing.

So, how do you want to play in a scramble is my question?  Have fun and laugh or grin it out to shot a 54.  Either way you could win.  And in most cases it is a rubber chicken and a gift certificate?  Which way you play is OK, just keep the pace.

Let me know how I can help.



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