Slow Play: It Is Back Again!

Sunny weather brings it on and allowing it to happen by the club’s management is fueling the fire…what am I talking about?

Slow Play. 

Slow Play is going to kill golf.  It comes and it goes.  When it comes it drives thousands away from golf, and just about time the pace gets back to normal, every one starts playing again.  Then the cycle continues.

Lets stop the madness at the Starter Shack not in the fairway..




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3 responses to “Slow Play: It Is Back Again!

  1. The starters need to be more strict when it comes to tee times and groups. Nothing bothers me more than playing @ a normal pace with my 4-some and having to wait because the starter put one or two 5-some’s together.

    What bugs me even more is when we have 2 or 3 2-some’s breathing down our neck because we are waiting on the 5-somes!

  2. golfnutt

    I know slow play on a course is bad for the game. I also know that for a course to break even for a season, they need to sell about 40,000 rounds per year. So most of the muni’s where I play end up booking foursome’s at 5 minute intervals in order to maximize profit. But they inevitably hurt the bottom line because word gets out that the course management overbooks and players avoid the place like the plague. It’s really a catch-22 for the owners. I do sympathize. But I also get very impatient and lose focus when I’m forced to wait due to overbooking. No easy answer to this one but definitely a problem that needs to be addressed.

  3. 40,000! That’s a ton! Wow…never thought of it that way. That’s 110 tee times a day…one every 6.5 minutes in a 12 hour day. The only way, that I can think of, to decrease congestion is lower maintenance fees so they don’t have to push so many players off every day.

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