WGC Match Play FINAL Round: Mr Business Golf Predictions

For the record, I was 50% on my predictions going into the final round.   Of course you check all of my preditions over at Mr Business Golf

There were two round today and this really takes it out of ya.  After 36 holes of match play, it comes down to Physical Fitness as well as mental sharpness. Once you reach your bodies maximum endurance, the legs start wobbling, the back starts spasms, the eyes blur,  shots go all over the place, the hands get sore and the putter starts getting shaky…

Of course I am not sure what the Professional feel like after 36…I am talking about me just walking from the parking lot to the first tee.

So, it is final round.  Theoretically, this is the best two golfers for this week playing heads up match play until there is a winner…there is no tomorrow.


My predictions are marked in RED…



Final Bracket

Wow, this is going to be a show tomorrow for this match.  Strength verses finesse…. I really like Henrik’s chance here.  He has been on fire for two weeks.  I keep given up on him, but he keeps proving me wrong.  Geoff can handle the pressure.  He seems to thrive on it and produces shots when he needs one…and his putter is pretty hot.  This is a hard one to choose, but I will go with the Ironman Stenson over Scrapper Ogilvy

9-Henrik Stenson (Sweden) v 11-Geoff Ogilvy (Australia)

Third Place

I told ya, I am not giving up on Tex.  The 40 mph wind and dust storm we had here today was from the dust Chad stirred up there North of Tucson as it traveled all the way Texas…Trevor has fooled the crap out of me…a solid player to say the least, but I am taking Campbell over Immelman for Third Place.

12-Trevor Immelman (South Africa) v 34-Chad Campbell (U.S.)




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