WGC-Accenture Match Play Round Four: The Going Gets Tough

Let’s Get It Started!

Yes, the razing from my fans is generating some interesting emails, but I am not giving up…this is way too much fun. Mr Business Golf

OK, I am dipping way below 50% on my prediction…so I suck at this, I told ya I am not any good at it…or maybe I am and it is just Match Play that is making it hard to pick who is going to win.

OK, so Tiger did what Tiger could do, comes back from behind, ties it all up, brings in a few million TV viewers and then gets beat….Hey, that is Match Play…and why TV hates Match Play…but that is an entire blog in itself.

Now as the focus gets down to the real match players lets take a look at who is left and my picks for this round. 

My predictions are

Brackett #1

This match with Nick and Henrik is going to be solid.  Henrik has been playing a lot of golf lately and Nick has been riding his irons to wins…something is got to give so I will take Stenson over O’Hern

16-Nick O’Hern (Australia) v 9-Henrik Stenson (Sweden)

Brackett #2

Yes, I got hosed on the predictions for these two brackets.  This match is a toss up.  Rose has been playing flawlessly, but remember, this is Match Play.  This is a tough call but I will go with Rose over Immelson

36-Justin Rose (Britain) v 12-Trevor Immelman (South Africa)

Brackett #3

OK,  I split this bracket also, but Tex came through for me anyway…so I am with Tex to the end on this one.. Campbell over Ames

34-Chad Campbell (U.S.) v 39-Stephen Ames (Canada))

Brackett # 4

Yes, I aced these two bracket predictions and now it is going to get touch…the Casey vs Ogilvy match will go to the wire and am going with Casey over Ogilvy

14-Paul Casey (Britain) v 11-Geoff Ogilvy (Australia)

Let’s see how all of this plays out.






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