Team Sports: The Consequences Continue

A year ago I wrote on what the team sport mentality is doing to the health of four generations of American’s.

 Team Sports: Can the Next Generation Survive Them?

After a year, I am still running into boys and girls leaving school team sports for anything other than the forced humiliations and pain suffered all in the effort to Win-at-All-Costs.

A few are taking up golf, which I am very proud of them for doing, but most of them are heading to the streets where the humiliation and pain is life threatening.

Coaches, lighten up, you can find another job if you get let go for not producing a winning team that draws the rich kid’s parents into your school district.  Your pushing of kids to beyond their abilities is not producing athletes but very depressed individuals.  The ones who survey are going into the business world with an attitude that is causing the growing deceptive actions businesses are taking to generate revenue at all costs.

Yes, what is taught to the kids today on the football field and hockey courts will makes it way to the boardroom over time…making the workplace even harder to deal with than it is…  What starts on the playground continues for a lifetime.


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One response to “Team Sports: The Consequences Continue

  1. Good to hear from you again, Scott. I must admit, I haven’t followed you to your new blog yet.

    Both of my daughters are into the (sort-of) self-sport of tennis. They consider golf to be my (ie an older folks) game. I think eventually they will come around. Till then I’m becoming, at least passively, a tennis fan. There’s a lot of similarities, pairs matches in tennis are similar to scrambles or other golf “team matches”. ie Ryder Cup-style best balls etc.

    Both of my girls eschewed the ‘team’ sports, probably for the same reasons you mentioned, although I’m sure that they haven’t thought it out that far yet. They just ‘didn’t like it’.

    On the other hand, that competitive mentality has been around for a long time. I played basketball that way. Win, then have fun. Bad? Good? Strange though, that during the same time I played basketball to win, I was playing golf for fun first and then to win; and golf is still my passion. B-ball is something I watch others do.

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