Talk Radio: And They Are Still Talking

I keep hearing where the big radio conglomerates are still trying to tell the market that Talk Radio is the number one format people are listening to.  What I find miraculous about them saying that is I do not know anyone who listens to Talk Radio, much less Radio.

My blog from last year keeps coming up.

Talk Radio, Is Anyone Listening To This Stuff?




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2 responses to “Talk Radio: And They Are Still Talking

  1. Don’t like Talk Radio?!?

    So if your butler enters your study and tells you that Rush Limbaugh is on the phone – he needs a fourth and wants to take you to Palm Springs. You resist. “Sir… his plane is waiting, clubs are in the boot and he’s got cubans…”

    Well, I’d say you’ve lost too many balls in the high weeds.


  2. If I had a butler and a study, I would tell Rush I’ll meet him at the tee and to shove the Cubans back were he got em. Guess I have found as many as I have lost in the weeds…

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