Rhetorical Questions: I Know You Have One


How many times have you been casually going through your day and you run into something that makes you ask a rhetorical question? Usually it is…”Hum, what is this all about?”

Sometimes that is what you have to do to start the first step towards learning or understanding something you don’t know or understand. And once you have processed the answer you move on to whatever you are doing.

But sometimes even after you process all possible answers to their fullest extent you still cannot develop an answer. What develops next is frustration.

Then when frustration kicks in all kinds of possible answer come into your mind which usually do not answer your question but just bring on more rhetorical questions that voice your frustration. Then you start wondering if anyone else feels this way.

What develops next is you form a statement from all of this mental processing of possible reasons for what you have seen, read or heard has any possible logical reason or necessity to be addressed, shown or printed.

So, in an effort to find closure to this processing you either asking yourself or, depending on the frustration level, say out load the words that best state how you feel about the situation… and most of the time it comes out….

Oh, Give Me A Friggin Break!

After saying that, you relax and calm down. It is self satisfying to be able to finally rationalize that what you have process is absurd or insanely stupid. And then you sink into realizing after you process all of the possibilities on why what you have seen, read or hear can not be possible you find that the energy spend processing the absurdity was a waste of energy. Being human, you want to warn others of this situation so they don’t waste their time… or identify it so others can explain to you what they see in the situation.

Yes this happens a lot. Especially if you are on the internet for more than a nano-second.

WELL, I ran across a web-site launched on Super Bowl Sunday (one of my biggest Give Me A Friggin Break days) that helps get this off your chest and provides a vehicle for you to find closure which should calm you down. Plus lets you see who supports you in your statement asking someone to give you a frigging break… and of course the site is


Check it out! And then the next time you find something over on MySpace that could not possibly be true, like the number of members they say they have, go over to the GMAFB site and post it on this site that does give you a Friggin break… I did and I feel much better.


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