Business Golf Has Moved!

Are YOU Ready to Play some Business Golf? Well then, come on over to the NEWibgs-logo-line-drawing-new-w-tm-flattened.jpg Innovative Business Golf Solutions Blog Site.

Business Golf has moved! Click Business Golf to go to new site.

As many of my contemporaries have already done, it is also now time for me to saddle up and leave

My business is growing faster than I can keep up with so…I am pulling all of my blogs, podcasts and videocasts all into one place.

I will be back over here on periodically to provide you with what is going on in Business Golf, but if you want to find out more than Business Golf, you will have to follow me over to my new site.

I really hope that all of the many, many friends I have made here will want to remain on my Blogroll and stay linked to all of the stuff I have to report on and talk about…for that will not change.

Where am I going? Well, I am taking the natural direction of setting up shop on my own domain. Which is at

Come on over, check it out and let’s play some Business Golf where I will continually ask you…Let Me Know How Can I Help?.

Scot Duke – Mr Business Golf


Innovative Business Golf Solutions


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