Business Golf: Winter Golf

If you are like me, iced into the house and stuck watching the Bob Host Chrysler Classic hosted by George Lopez, then you may be doing what I am doing… climbing the walls from golf fever.  Nay, I am not going crazy or anything with climbing the wall, I was just up there getting a golf ball that stuck in the sheetrock from when I squared a 7 iron while I chipping in the living room.

But, seriously, this is the time of year where 90% of the golfers here in North America, probably the Northern Hemisphere, are stuck indoors for the winter.  Being a true avid golfer a little ice and snow is not going to get me down.  

Us rabid golfers will break out a putter or some training device to keep our minds on the fundamentals until the temperatures gets above 40 degrees where we can get on the course wearing all of those golf sweaters our family feel we should have each year.

Again I digress from the point I want to make, and that is the same goes with Business Golf.  Too many times business people who need business golf or should be using business golf to improve their business shut down here in the northern hemisphere from October until around April.  And with that seasonal shutdown they miss out on the perfect time of year to be working to get a fast start on the New Year.  The first of each year is a missed opportunity if you are not playing Business Golf. 

It is when everyone in business is in a joyous mood and starting out to make those New Year’s resolutions become a fact.    Most business people, golfer or non-golfer, are missing out on some great opportunities to play business golf out of town in places that are warm during the winter.  Like Florida, Southern California, Palm Springs, San Diego or even further south by going down under if you are so bold to make a long trip.

In other blogs I have addressed the plus side of inviting a client, gathering up all of your employees or vendors, to join you in a location out of town.   The advantages of taking this action are many and improve upon those valuable business relationships each business person should be making everyday.

Take advantage of the winter instead of just sitting around getting over your New Years Eve hangover.  While your competitors are sitting in their office talking to people in Palm Springs, San Diego, Phoenix or Orlando, you could be getting a step up on starting a great year by playing some Business Golf in these locations. 

Learn to play business golf; it is one of the best investments you can make for your business.


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